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Things you should know about upgrading to Globodox Version 9.5

17 Oct 2014

The release of Globodox 9.5 affects users in some important ways. The effect varies, depending on whether you are an existing Globodox customer using version and above or are still evaluating the software. Let’s look at these implications… “I’m still evaluating Globodox” If you’re evaluating Globodox and have not yet purchased licenses, then you can continue with your Free … Continue reading

Time for a GLOBODOX Update

17 Oct 2014

Some of our customers have been experiencing a few minor bugs and issues on GLOBODOX. In response to that, our team has been working on solutions, and so we present to you GLOBODOX 9.5! Expect better performance when viewing your PDF files, no issues when it comes to registration and logging out and faster database access when you close GLOBODOX. … Continue reading

Make it easy for everyone to access vital documents

13 Oct 2014

Any organization that operates on a daily basis needs documents to run through the office swiftly. A common way is to send an attachment across an email. Some offices have shared folders where the files are stored and accessed by all. However, these are micro-scale things. The fact is that a large organization will have hundreds of things going on … Continue reading

How GLOBODOX helps manage all your digital documents?

06 Oct 2014

Any large organization is going to generate plenty of paperwork. Documents are generated through contracts, bills, project reports and other various types of content. In this day and age, would you like an employee getting off from their terminal and wasting time in the storage room, looking for a vital document? It would be counter-productive and a waste of time. … Continue reading

Legal documents all over the place? Get a handle on them

05 Sep 2014

No matter what sort of business you are, there is always some form of legality that you have to deal with. These may come in the form of licenses, agreements, registration, employee contracts, etc. Legal documents are vital for all businesses, however, often organizations that don’t have a good documentation system in place end up losing or misplacing them. The … Continue reading

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