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How the biggest election in the world manages to be paperless

14 May 2014

Post by Globodox. Elections are a huge process, involving money, people and paper. These past few months, the world has been observing the largest ever election exercise taking place in India. Almost 1 billion people are set to vote in the 7th largest country. So how is such a large scale process even possible? Say hello to the Electronic Voting … Continue reading

Information Overdose in the Telecom Industry Organized Effectively

07 Apr 2014

The telecom industry deals with clients and customers that run into hundreds of thousands. So collection, storage and retention of all the customer information that they have to manage is always a challenge. The Problems: Large Volumes of Data A telecom company has to engage with sensitive information from a large volume of customers and handle very large volumes of … Continue reading

Easily add Documents using the Send To feature in Globodox 9

03 Apr 2014

We have always had many ways to capture documents to Globodox and now we have added another feature to make adding your documents to Globodox even simpler. Introducing you to an exciting new feature in GLOBODOX 9. Say hello to the ‘Send To’ feature in Globodox!!! Send To simplifies your processes and removes the possibility of misfiling. It allows you … Continue reading

Introducing the Virtual Printer in GLOBODOX Version 9

05 Mar 2014

Introducing you to an important new feature in GLOBODOX 9. Say ‘Hello’ to the GLOBODOX Virtual Printer! Imagine being able to print anything from any Windows application and have the printout saved, indexed and shared as a PDF file inside GLOBODOX! So whether it is the receipt of an online purchase, a report from your accounting system or just an … Continue reading

Things you should know about upgrading to Globodox version 9

13 Feb 2014

The release of Globodox 9 affects users in some important ways. The effect varies, depending on whether you are an existing Globodox customer using version and above or are still evaluating the software. Let’s look at these implications… IMPORTANT: Upgrade setup blocks upgrading to version 9 if your MainDB is MS Access based If your installation of Globodox uses … Continue reading

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