Scanning backlog or new documents: which is better?

Scanning backlog or new documents: which is better?

One challenge faced by enterprises which invest in electronic document management software, is the dilemma of whether to start with scanning the document archive first or the more recent documents first. Let us look at both sides of this problem:
Scanning backlog
Often the # 1 reason why organizations switch to electronic document management is that they want to digitize their paper archives. But if you have been in business for several years, this is not easy. You may have paper archives running into hundreds of thousands of documents stored both within the office premises as well as offsite. Converting all of them is a project by itself and usually takes months of focused work by a team specially assigned to this task. At the same time, unless and until this task is taken up, you may not see a significant change in the way your documents are stored, though the documents frequently used will be managed far more efficiently now.
Scanning new and recent documents
Adopting electronic document management does not mean that you will no longer generate a single paper based document from now. Several transactions – especially government-related – still require you to draft and store the original document (plus sometimes a few copies) in paper form. But you should still back them up by scanning and storing them in your electronic document management software. Also, when these documents are scanned, Globodox allows you add notes to them. This helps you keep abreast of the status of the document in its transaction life cycle. It also allows you to link the document to other documents related to that particular transaction. So if you need to refer to these documents and switch back and forth between them to extract some information, you can do so in just one click!
All said and done, the best approach to scanning your documents is a balanced one: convert all your new and recent documents to digital form and draw up a plan to digitize your paper archive based on criteria such as ‘frequently accessed documents’, ‘reverse chronological order’ etc. If you have purchased Globodox electronic document management software, you can be assured of one thing: a comprehensive set of scanning features that allows you to combine scanning with its other document management features to give you a complete enterprise document management solution.
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