Should you scan paper archive first or current documents?

This is a dilemma many businesses face, especially those which have large paper archives comprising decades old documents. The leadership of the company agrees on the need to switch to electronic document management. Now one of the first decisions to be made as part of document management planning is what to scan first – the paper archives or paper documents in daily use. Maybe your organization faces such a dilemma. Both options have their own advantages and limitations. Before you zero-in on any one, you should look at their pros and cons dispassionately and find out which option will help you stay in line with the short term as well as long term goals of your business.

To help you make this choice, we bring you a free white paper titled Paper Archives or Current Documents: Which to Scan First? The white paper discusses the various factors that you should consider before making the decision in favor of either.

Paper Archives or Current Documents: Which to Scan First?
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