Software For Creating, Storing And Manipulating Text Documents

Software For Creating, Storing And Manipulating Text Documents

Software for creating, storing and manipulating documents

Whether we like it or not, document management is a part of our everyday routine. It can be a personal errand like arranging all the shopping bills or writing a project report, or it can be a workplace task like collecting feedback forms or organizing client documents. And unless Elon Musk or Bill Gates develop a different mode of communication than the English alphabet, documents are here to stay.

Document management is hard. Throughout their entire lifecycle, documents undergo creation, editing, printing, scanning, storing, sharing, tracking & much more. And more often than not, you have to use different tools or apps for each of the above-mentioned processes.

Let’s say you want to create a document. Your go-to software will either be Microsoft Word or Excel depending on the type of document. Let’s say you want to make a marketing presentation. Your choice of software will be Microsoft Powerpoint. Now let’s say you want to share a document with your boss or client. You will use Outlook or Gmail. You will also need multiple other apps to scan, store & track documents.

But what if there was a tool that allowed you to manage all the processes & more under one roof? A tool that let you view any file format like doc, pdf or xls, with upgradeable storage, built-in scanning & printing support and a robust tracking system? Such tools exist and they are called document management systems.

The most preferred Document Management System  in Philippines

Document management systems (DMS) are equipped with all the features necessary to manage documents efficiently. They let you create, manipulate, store, organize, search, share & secure text documents with ease. Document management system also makes it easier for you to perform day-to-day tasks by automating repetitive document processes.

For example, traditional document scanning software will scan your documents & help you share them with the necessary users, but it won’t extract metadata from the document’s content. That is a process you will have to undertake manually, every time a document is scanned. But a document management system like GLOBODOX will let you scan the document, extract essential metadata from the document using OCR & allow you to share the document with anyone you want within the app or via email.

The best Document Management Software in the USA

Why should you use document management software for creating, storing and manipulating text documents?

1. Built-in scanning & printing

Most document editing & storage apps do not support one-click printing and scanning. You need a dedicated software to connect your printer or scanner to the system. Whereas, a document management system has built-in printing & scanning support that connects with most types of printers & scanners and lets you share information on the go.

2. Reduced working hours

It is estimated that 30%-40% of a person’s working hours are spent managing documents & finishing administrative work. A document management system automates repetitive tasks like document approvals, indexing, importing, archiving, etc thereby reducing work & working hours by a considerable amount.

3. Cheaper storage

Comparatively, document management systems provide cheaper & more secure storage upgrade options than other storage services like Google Drive, iCloud & more. Storage upgrades are also easier & can be purchased at the click of a button.

4. Multi-format accessibility

Document management systems provide end-to-end document management solutions. This means you can use just one document management system to access & view multiple file formats like doc, pdf, xls, txt & more. This feature eliminates the need to purchase a Microsoft Office subscription for merely viewing documents.

5. More features

Document management systems also provide additional features like workflow automation, custom e-signature, watermarks, bookmarks, form typer, pdf addition, pdf merger & more.

How to choose the right software for creating, storing and manipulating text documents?

1. List your requirements

Write down problem areas in your current document handling process that could benefit from a document management system. For example, you may need software that supports multiple file types like doc, xls & pdf, or you may be looking for one that provides cheaper storage options or you may be looking for one that provides more document editing tools & shortcuts. Consult team members about their requirements and make a final list of your requirements.

2. Choose a budget

Finalize a budget you would be willing to spend on the software. It is important to consider future expenditures as well during this process, to ensure a steady flow of monetary resources in the company.

3. Research potential options

See what type of document creation, storage & editing features the software offers, additional features, pricing, reviews, customer support options & more. Finalize a few DMS options that you think satisfy most of your requirements & take a trial.

4. Take a trial & confirm

Most software offers free trials for 30-day or 14-day periods. Use the software to check their interface, security, customer support & functionalities. Select the one you are the most comfortable working on & subscribe to its user-based plan.You can also read:


30 Days Full Feature Trial

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