Sohodox Version

Sohodox Version has been released. This is a minor release with a few bug fixes and new features.

Click the link below to download the new version…

Listed below are the new features and bug fixes in version

What’s New:

  • Error ignored when adding multiple files to Sohodox
    While adding large number of files to Sohodox, if an error occurs for a file, that file will be skipped and Sohodox will continue adding the remaining files. After the addition is complete it will display the list of skipped files.
  • Confirmation sound when Ctrl + F7 is pressed
    You will now hear a confirmation sound instead of the confirmation dialog being displayed, when you press the CTRL + F7 keys on the keyboard, to copy the full path of the selected document to the clipboard.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed: Document Title is not exported as the filename of the document, when exporting folders along with documents.
  2. Fixed: (For Sohodox Plus) Cannot drag and drop documents, from within Sohodox, to a Stack.
  3. Fixed: Cannot change the properties of a field in a Document Type.
  4. Fixed: Error while adding files not supported for OCR.
  5. Fixed: Error when clicking on Show Extracted Text when no item is present in the List pane.
  6. Fixed: Printing of Annotation done wrongly.
  7. Fixed: Error when adding a password protected PDf file
  8. Fixed: Application crashes when a scan is done with ‘Auto deskew’ option enabled ( Usually seen in Windows7 and Vista).
  9. Fixed: Error when a PDF file is rotated and Save and Close button is clicked.
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