Take a peek into what’s new in Globodox 7

Are you among those who do not use MS Office in their day to day work? Well, until now, if you did not have MS Office installed on your machine then Globodox could not display MS Word or MS Excel files in its preview pane. In the soon-to-be-released Version 7 of Globodox, we are shipping a built-in viewer for MS Word and MS Excel files. This means you can view MS Word and MS Excel files even if you do not have MS Office on your machine.

In the form of Active Directory Integration, we bring you another interesting feature that will make managing multiple users easier. This feature will help you quickly import Windows users as Globodox users. What’s more, when these users login into Windows and start Globodox, Globodox will no more prompt them for their username and password.

Keep checking this blog for more such updates on Version 7 of Globodox.

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