How GLOBODOX is Used in The Education Sector

How GLOBODOX is Used in The Education Sector

For educational institutions processing scholarship applications can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process. Scholarship delays can occur due to faulty or missing paperwork, delays in approvals, and many other factors. However, with the right software, you can streamline and manage the entire application process with ease.

A Document Management Software  like GLOBODOX helps streamlines the scholarship process to such an extent, that applicants, as well as approvers, cannot just submit, organize, edit, approve & share documents with ease, they can also track their application’s status, make changes to the application, and add missing documents with a single click.

How GLOBODOX helps in  managing the scholarship application process.

Improve document organization:

GLOBODOX  comes with a wide range of organizational features that let you segregate your documents faster & more efficiently. The tagging feature allows you to add custom tags or keywords to documents which helps find them faster. Document types & stacks let you organize documents into different groups based on the applicant’s name, scholarship, qualification, etc. Document linking lets you link related documents or stacks together for easier access.

Find Documents Faster:

Finding the right document at the right time can be one hell of a task. GLOBODOX’s search features reduce document search time by more than 50%. Features such as quick search, saved searches, document full text search & multi-language search scan through thousands of documents for the keywords or conditions you have entered in the search, and locate your documents within seconds.

Automates document approvals:

One of the main reasons for delays in scholarship applications is securing on-time approvals on student documents. Every application goes through multiple rounds of eligibility checks, edits & approvals, which becomes even more cumbersome when the documents have to be physically delivered desk-to-desk or transferred one email at a time.

Automating the approval process allows you to quickly assess applicants according to criteria such as course preferences, financial need and academic performance. Automation can also help your team save time and improve operational efficiency by enabling them to instantly rule out ineligible applicants.

Automation also ensures that only qualified candidates are considered through a centralized portal, where decisions can be made based on predetermined criteria and documents submitted by applicants. This helps to remove any potential bias from the selection process.

GLOBODOX Document Management System comes with a built-in document approval system that can replicate & automate the entire scholarship approval process . The document approval system provides features such as  one click approve or reject, built-in notification system, electronic signature, notes & comments, a built-in tracking system and more.

Improves data security:

GLOBODOX  provides industry-grade encryption algorithms like AES & Triple DES, that protect documents against cyberattacks, leaks & other digital threats. GLOBODOX  also lets you control document access at every step of the scholarship application process. Administrative users can choose who gets to view, modify, share or delete documents based on their hierarchy & department.

GLOBODOX has been one of the most trusted educational DMS around the world. Our Document Management System is being used by educational institutions worldwide to manage their documents. We’ve had the privilege of assisting global institutions like Shue Yan College Hong Kong, Somaiya College India, Chartered Institute of Personnel Management Nigeria, University of Manchester, University of Philippines, Boston College USA, Hunter College, USA and more. Our primary service to these educational institutions is to help reduce their dependence on paper & other outdated technologies and improve their internal document processes, like student applications, scholarship applications, human resource management, compliance, audits, etc.

Want to check how GLOBODOX can improve your scholarship document processes? Try it for free with our 30-day free trial, or write to us at

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