Version Released

Version Released

We have now released Globodox and Sohodox
You can download this update from the link below…
More info about this update is available below…
What’s New:
  • Delete button now physically deletes documents from a Folder, Document Type, Tag or from a Stack
Hitting the Delete button from anywhere in Globodox will now delete the selected document permanently. In earlier versions hitting the delete button would only unlink a document from its folder, tag, document type or stack.
  • OCR document containing text in a different language
You can now OCR a document that contains text in language other than English. For e.g. if you have a document that contains text in the Danish language then you can configure the OCR engine to recognize the Danish language text. This option will only work if you are using the Microsoft Office OCR engine. Only languages supported by the MS Office OCR engine are supported.
  • Separate option for OCR in the Options dialog
A separate option has now been added to OCR documents on check-in. Earlier versions of Globodox had just one option called Automatically extract text on check-in. This option would enable extraction of text from documents such as MS Word files as well as OCR of scanned documents. From this version onwards you can separately control OCR of scanned documents.
  • Customize Quick Search
You can now select the fields that you want Globodox to search in, when you use the Quick Search feature. In the earlier versions of Globodox, the Quick Search feature would only search in the Document Title, File Name and the Document Text. Now, you can select any field (displayed in the List View) that you want to search in, by using the Customize Quick Search dialog.
  • Reactivate a deactivated user
You can now reactivate a deactivated Globodox user. So if you have accidentally deactivated a user you can easily undo your action.
  • Document Type with an auto-generate field now shows up in the Scan window
Document Types that have one or more auto-generate fields will now show up for selection on the Scan window. Such Document Types were not listed in earlier versions.
  • Create sibling folder
You can create a sibling folder by right clicking any folder and choosing the New Folder option. If you use folders to manage your documents then you must have noticed that when you have a long list of folders then it becomes unmanageable to scroll every now and then to click the Create new button, to create a new folder. The same problem is also noticed when you have a long list of sub folders, you have scroll above to select the parent folder and then right click it to create a sub-folder.
Now, we have added the New Folder option on the Folder right click menu. Now, just select a folder right click it and select the New Folder option to create a sibling folder.
  • Inactivity time out option
User who have been inactive for a specific period of time can now be automatically logged out. You can set this time using the Inactivity time out option in the System Options pane of the Options dialog.
  • Specify document name while scanning a document
You can specify the Document title of the scanned document from the Scan window. The Document Title box is available in the Destination pane of the Scan Window.
  • New Activities in Workflow
New activities have been added in Workflow, which allow you get/set values of fields having different data types. (This feature is not available in Sohodox)
  • Simplified user interface for specifying conditions in workflow
Specifying conditions for activities has now been made easy.
  • Route Stacks to other users
You can now send stacks for approvals by using a Workflow. Using Stacks and the new Workflow activities you can create complex business processes. (This feature is not available in Sohodox)
Bug Fixes:
  1. Fixed: Values in Lookup field are now sorted.
  2. Fixed: Automatically Extract/OCR documents on check-in.
  3. Fixed: Problem when changing the colour of text in the Note annotation.
  4. Fixed: Error when sorting Display name in the Inbox (Tasks) node.
  5. Fixed: OCR documents option shown in MS SQL and MySQL DBs.

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