Version Released

Version Released

We have released a new version (v5.6.0.1) of Globodox and Sohodox. We have added three new features to Globodox, including the ability to have FTP based file stores. We have also fixed a few bugs which were reported in the previous version.
Sohodox users, there is no need to get disappointed. Very shortly we will have another update with a folder monitoring tool as well as a virtual printer for both Globodox and Sohodox.
You will also find that both Globodox and Sohodox now load much faster than before.
You can download the latest version ( from the link below…
Listed below are the new features and bug fixes for version
What’s New:
  • FTP Based File Stores (Only available in Globodox)
The folder/location in which Globodox stores any files you add to it is called the File Store. In earlier Globodox versions the file store could be a local folder on your disk or shared folder on your network. With this version we are introducing FTP based File Stores. You can configure Globodox so that any files you add are stored on a pre-designated FTP server (for e.g. a IIS FTP server). In a multi-user setup a FTP based file store would be more secure than a network share based File Store.
An existing network share based File Store can be converted to a  FTP based file store and vice versa.
  • Thumbnails section in the Options dialog (Only available in Globodox)
New entries have been added under DB options in the Options dialog. The new Thumbnails section allows you to control the display and navigation of thumbnails. It has the following options…
  • Create thumbnail on Check-in
Check this option to generate thumbnails of documents, as soon as they are added to Globodox. With this option enabled, it will take slightly longer to add documents because of the time taken to generate the thumbnail. Enabling this option is recommended only if…
1) You often use the thumbnail view instead of the list in the List View pane,
2a) You use an FTP based file store
2b) You store document in an encrypted form
Enabling this option ensures that the thumbnail view is loaded quickly. If this option is disabled then when you select the option to view thumbnails of the documents in the List View pane, you will be informed that the thumbnails for the documents have not been generated. To generate the thumbnails, in the List View pane click the Click here to generate the thumbnails now link on the yellow information bar which appears. Enabling the Create thumbnail on Check-in option may cause performance issues.
  • Allow page navigation
Normally Globodox displays a navigation bar for any thumbnail of a multi-page file. Due to performance reasons, this option is disabled by default for files which are stored in encrypted form and for files which are located on a FTP based File Store.
Enable this option to display the thumbnail navigation for files.
Bug Fixes:
  1. Fixed: Error when scanning and adding a file to an existing document.
  2. Fixed: The maximum length of the field used to get set to 0 for a text field (occasionally).
  3. Fixed: Text was not being automatically extracted when document was scanned using the New window.

Feel free to drop-in your comments about the new changes

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