Version Released

We have released a new version (v5.6.0.6) of Globodox and Sohodox.

You can download the latest version ( from the link below…

Listed below are the new features and bug fixes for version

What’s New:
  • Add pages to existing Tiff and PDF documents, from the Pages panel.
    You can now add pages to an existing multi-paged PDF and tiff files directly from the Pages panel. This reduces the number of clicks required to perform this task.
Bug Fixes:
  1. Fixed: Error when changing the Maximum length of a Small text field and then entering a value for that field.
  2. Fixed: Incorrect handling of certain date formats during Import.
  3. Fixed: Error when installing the Globodox databases on a drive, other than the C: drive.
  4. Fixed: Error when a MS Office file is being displayed and the user logs out or opens another DB.
  5. Fixed: Occasional error when logging out
  6. Fixed: (Sohodox) Occasional crash when launching the Connection Manager

Feel free to drop-in your comments about the new changes