Version 7.1 of Globodox now live – available for download!

We have released Globodox version 7.1! The full setup of Globodox 7.1 and the update setup are both available for download from here. This new release comes less than 2 months since we released Globodox 7. 

Version 7.1 fixes many bugs that users had encountered and communicated to us.
We’ve worked to fix these as well as introduce some handy new features: 

  • You can now choose to include the security settings while cloning a folder structure.
  • Comments entered during the Workflow Approval Activity are now saved as Notes for the document/stack.
  • Now when you give a scanned document a title, Globodox will automatically treat that as the file name. Earlier, Globodox would generate a file name by itself. But now, Globodox will take the document title given by you as the file name, thereby making it easier to track documents.

If you face any issues downloading, installing or using Globodox, just bring these to our notice by writing to us at [email protected]. We will work at resolving them. That’s how new versions come out! 

If you already use Globodox, update your setup now!* 

Not yet tried Globodox? Download Globodox 7.1 now! 

* If your Maintenance Subscription has expired, you will not be able to update your Globodox installation. You will have to renew your subscription. To renew, write to us at [email protected]. For more information about renewing your maintenance subscription, read this article.