Version 7.3 of Globodox released with new features!

We are very glad to announce the release of a new version of Globodox – version (or simply ver. 7.3). The full setup and update setup are both available on the web site for download. Globodox 7.3 brings some useful features and will make managing documents even simpler than before. Have a look at them:

Import and store Email Attachments as separate documents in Globodox
Email Capture can now handle in a better way, email messages which have attachments. You can configure Globodox Email Capture such that, whenever an email message with attachments is detected, the attachments will be stored as separate documents. They will automatically be linked to their corresponding email message. So for example, if an email message with a single attachment is captured, Globodox will create two documents, the email message itself and the attached file. Both the documents will be linked to each other.

To Do Activity
Globodox Workflow now has a new activity called the To Do activity. This is a simple activity to pass a document related task (for example, “Print this document and send by FedEx”) to a user (or even multiple users).

Support for password protected files
Globodox’s in-built viewer for MS Word documents and MS Excel spreadsheets now supports viewing password protected .docx and .xlsx files.

Expect more in the coming months. To stay tuned-in to the latest on Globodox, subscribe to this blog.

If your maintenance subscription has expired, then you will not be able to upgrade your current Globodox installation to the latest version. You will first need to purchase as many Maintenance Subscriptions as the number of Globodox licenses you own. To purchase, write to us at [email protected].

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