Document Version Control Software

Document Version Control Software

What is Document Versioning?
Document Versioning is a feature used to track or maintain the revisions that a document has gone through before it has been approved or published. In other words, document versioning is nothing but the management of multiple revisions of the same document. The whole idea of maintaining older versions of a document is that you can revert to an earlier version of the document at any time if you need to.When a document is modified, it is usually represented by incrementing its version number. For example, the first copy of a document is assigned the version number ‘1’. Now, if this document is modified, then the version number is usually incremented to “2” and so on. If the same document is edited by two or more people then along with the Version increment, the persons’ names and the dates/times at which it was edited are also recorded.Document versioning is commonly used by doctors, lawyers, engineers, and various other professionals as well as organizations and businesses.

Document Versioning in GLOBODOX
is a document management software system with a document versioning feature that allows you to create and retain multiple versions of the same document. Incorporated within GLOBODOX is also an integrated set of tools for scanning, indexing, searching, securing, sharing, auditing and workflow.

You can select and add, or scan and add a document as a newer version of any document stored in a GLOBODOX DB. GLOBODOX then stores the existing document as an older version, increments the version number and adds the new document as the current version. This is the simplest form of versioning. Starting with version 7, GLOBODOX supports draft documents with minor version numbers. You can check out a document for editing and check it back in as a draft document (minor version; e.g. version 1.3, 1.14, etc). When the document is ready to be published with all changes made, you simply click Publish and GLOBODOX publishes the document and increments the version number to the next integer.

You can see versioning in action by performing the steps below…

1.Add a document to GLOBODOX, let’s say Acme.txt
2.The version number of this document will be 1.0
3.Now add another document called AnotherAcme.txt as a new version of Acme.txt
4.GLOBODOX will add AnotherAcme.txt as the latest (current) version of Acme.txt
5.The version number for AnotherAcme.txt will be 2.0.

Every time you open a document (i.e. check-out the document) for editing and then publish it after editing, GLOBODOX will store the current version of the document as an old version, increment the version number by one and then add the document being checked in as the new version.


1.Add a document called Acme.txt.
2.The version number of this document will be 1.0
3.Now check-out Acme.txt, modify it and then publish it.
4.GLOBODOX will store the 1.0 version of Acme.txt as an old version.
5.GLOBODOX will add the modified and published Acme.txt as the latest (current) version of Acme.txt
6.The version number for the newly added Acme.txt will be 2.0

GLOBODOX will also allow you to promote an old version of a document to the latest version at any time.For example, let’s assume that the current version of a document is 6 and you promote an older version 4 as the current version. GLOBODOX will make a copy of version 4 of the document and promote that copy as version 7. Version 6 of the document will be saved as an old version. You can have an unlimited number of versions for each document or set an upper limit for the number of versions.


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