What’s New in version

Listed below are the new features in version and version

Use Policies to control some aspects of Security.

Drag & drop documents from Sohodox/Globodox to Windows Explorer

You can now drag and drop documents from Sohodox/Globodox to Windows Explorer by pressing the CTRL button on the keyboard and dragging the documents to a Windows folder.

Destination Profiles Manager

You can now create, modify or delete destination profiles using the Destination Profiles Manager.

Email Capture
The Email Capture feature, downloads email messages from any POP3 mail server and adds them to Globodox/Sohodox. Globodox/Sohodox will automatically extract fields (To, From, Subject etc.) from each email and enter them as indexing information for that email in Globodox/Sohodox. This makes all email messages immediately searchable.

Folder Monitor
The Folder Monitor watches one or more specified folders on your disk and adds any files added to those folders to Globodox/Sohodox. You can use this feature to directly add files to Globodox/Sohodox even when Globodox/Sohodox is not running. All you need to do is, add the files to the monitored folder and Folder Monitor will automatically add these files to Globodox/Sohodox. This is also handy when working with Network Scanners which put the scanned documents in a folder.

Globodox/Sohodox now comes with built-in usage reports, letting you see documents added or modified by users on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The reports can be exported as a PDF, HTML, MHT or XLS files.

Deskew tool

You can now auto-straighten a tilted scanned image by using the Deskew tool.

Despeckle tool

You can now remove the noise (tiny black spots) from a scanned image by using the Despeckle tool.

Eraser tool
You can now remove punch hole marks, stapler (pin) marks or other areas from a scanned document by using the Eraser tool.

Parameterized Saved Search
You can now create a saved search that prompts you to enter the condition values, whenever you run the search.

Last logged in user name is remembered
The username of the person who logged into Globodox/Sohodox last is remembered and is automatically filled in the username box on the login screen.

Remember password option on the login dialog
Login dialog now has an option to remember the password, so next time don’t need to re-enter your password.

Automatically login on startup option on the Options dialog
Options dialog now has an option to automatically log you in when you start Sohodox (i.e. no login box is displayed).