White Paper on Preparations to make before Getting Document Management Software

Organizations today are clear that they need a good system to manage the huge volumes of documents they generate and receive. Many of them are convinced that an enterprise document management system (EDMS) will end their problems. While they are right, it is also important to take calculated steps in adopting electronic document management, rather than plunge head-on. We bring you a white paper titledĀ Preparing for a Document Management System that discusses these precise steps in detail. It covers the following 3 areas of preparation:

  1. Identifying the department or process where EDMS will be implemented first
  2. Identifying the relevant EDMS features needed by each department
  3. Evaluating the software solutions before deciding which one to purchase

By the time you have read this white paper, you will be better equipped to manage the process of acquiring a document management solution for your organization.

Preparing for a Document Management System
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