Why do schools & other educational institutions need document management software?

Why do schools & other educational institutions need document management software?

Along with mentoring countless students every year, educational institutions are also responsible for preparing syllabuses, creating grading systems, maintaining student records, creating & sharing notes, and so much more. Each of these tasks involve some kind of documentation – documentation which requires creating, maintaining, organizing & storing an enormous number of documents for each student. And it’s these time-consuming & lengthy document processes that are one of the major causes of stress & concern for students and educators alike. But what if we told you there is a better, more sustainable way to manage academic documentation – by using an education document management software.


If you are running a school for toddlers, you probably don’t need a document management software. But as the grades go higher, so does the amount of documents. And that’s why you need a specialized software to help manage the excess paperwork. In short, an education document management software helps you manage your educational processes more efficiently, by organizing all your documents at one place, making information more accessible & allowing a free flow of information between educators and students, and vice versa. Here are some ways a document management software can benefit educational institutions:

Streamlining student admissions:

From filling admission forms, to organizing & submitting test results, essays & recommendations, higher education admission processes require a lot of paperwork. And there is always a possibility that certain documents get filed wrongly or misplaced. But with an education document management software, that is almost impossible. A document management software is designed to make document-centric processes like admissions easier for its users. It’s metadata based filing features helps you tag & link documents based on the applicant’s name & eligibility, and advanced multi-conditional search features let you retrieve all the documents submitted by any applicant with a single click.

Tracking fee payments & other expenditures:

One of the most important duties of the administration department at any academic institute, is to collect & track student payments. This includes maintaining payment records, notifying students about delays, and tracking loan approvals & scholarships. An education document management software lets you maintain & share payment schedules and records, share digital payment receipts, protect bank details & payment status of students, and much more. The same document management features also let you track other day-to-day expenditures like staff salaries, stationery expenses, repairs, etc.

Maintain & safeguard student records:

In many countries, it is mandatory for educational institutions to maintain personal & academic records of all their students. These records include attendance sheets, test scores, past educational certificates, and other personal information like a student’s medical history, address, parent’s information, phone number, etc. Although creating & maintaining these records is important, it is also time-consuming & tedious, and can sometimes result in educators feeling overwhelmed. And that is why schools, colleges & universities need specialized education document management software. An education document management software lets you organize & segregate records based on a student’s name, score, academic history, etc. It also lets you stack related documents together, making it easier for you to find them when required. An education document management software also acts as an added layer of protection for important documents, providing security features like document encryption, document sharing control, permission based access to documents, and much more.

Creating a digital curriculum:

If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that just like every other sector, even the educational sector needs to innovate and move to a digital medium. An education document management software lets you move all your academic documents online. It lets you create & share subject notes, test papers, test results, online assignments, projects, and more. An education document management software also lets you organize your documents based on grade, subject, chapter, etc. The document versioning feature allows you to create multiple versions of tests & assignments for different groups of students. It facilitates real-time transfer of information between students & teachers, bringing the time spent in document transfers & approvals down to almost zero. It also lets you restrict users from making any changes to documents, giving you complete control over your documents.

If you are looking for a reliable, easy to use & affordable education document management software that will help you digitize & automate all your document processes, look no further than GLOBODOX. Since 1999, GLOBODOX has helped hundreds of colleges & universities manage their paperwork more efficiently. GLOBODOX is the go-to document management partner for many higher education institutions in countries like the USA, Canada, Netherlands, and many more. But you don’t need to take our word for it. Go experience GLOBODOX for yourself with our 30-day free trial today.


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