Why every growing law firm needs a legal document management software?

Why every growing law firm needs a legal document management software?

“When you are getting paid by the hour, why would you want to waste any of that time doing paperwork?” – Every lawyer ever.

If you are a lawyer, odds are you have, at least once in your life, missed a date, a party or a family trip, owing to your work.

Law firms and lawyers in general, work an inhuman number of hours every week. On an average lawyer works anywhere between 40 – 80 hours every week, which results in burnout, fatigue and stress.

legal document management software


As a lawyer, the one aspect of your job that takes up the most amount of time & requires undivided attention, is paperwork. But there is an easier way of managing paperwork – more precisely, by using a product called a legal document management software. A legal document management software or Legal DMS, is a business software that helps digitize & secure all your paperwork online and allows you to automate your day-to-day paperwork processes. Thus considerably reducing the number of hours you need to spend on paperwork every day.

Let’s see what makes a electronic legal document management software a must-have for lawyers:

Optimizes Case Files

A legal document management software comes equipped with features like document tagging, document indexing, search-in documents, advanced multi-condition search, etc; that make it easier for you to store and retrieve all kinds of legal documents like contracts, affidavits, discovery requests, case files, etc.

Another essential feature of an electronic legal document management software is version control. Version control allows you to create multiple new versions of a document, every time you make changes to it. You can also go back and look at older versions of that document, and track the changes made to each version. Version control allows you to easily prepare different arguments for your cases, depending on your needs.

Improves Discovery Request Handling

Discovery requests are an integral part of any legal case, and you usually don’t get a lot of time to prepare them in the best way possible. With a legal document management software’s features such as one-touch email capture, automated digital signature & stamps, and a built-in virtual printer, you can easily store and share all your discovery requests online, without ever having to print another document again.

Automates Paperwork Processes

Most paperwork processes take time because of the need to physically transfer documents from one department to another; asking for signatures, edits and approvals. But with an electronic legal document management software, all these processes can be automated to save time and resources. With workflow management features such as automated indexing, simultaneous collaboration, zone mapping, task monitoring & re-assigning, and automated document transfers; you can literally replicate and automate all your business processes online.

Improves Data Security

Law firms handle a lot of sensitive personal, business & financial information on a daily basis, leaking of which can vastly impact the outcome of legal cases. A legal document management software is specifically designed to keep your data secure. Features such as document redaction, document encryption, user activity logs, document access and sharing control; allow you to have complete control over your data and keep a close tab on all your document based business processes.

If you are looking to invest in an electronic legal document management software, you have to check out GLOBODOX. GLOBODOX is not just budget & user friendly, but is also widely regarded as one of the best legal document management software in the industry. We have been the go-to document management software for law firms that are looking to scale up their business and productivity. Here are some of our client testimonials from countries like the United States, Canada, India, Netherlands and many more.


Wanna know what makes GLOBODOX the best legal document management software for your practice? Click here to take our 30-day free trial, and see for yourself.


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