Work with any file, on any device, at any time

Work with any file, on any device, at any time

Imagine if you could carry all your vital documents everywhere with you. I’m not talking about piling up a cumbersome number of files in your bag. Even if you try to do so, it would be impossible. Every organization has a vast array of documents. You can’t carry them everywhere and you can’t predict with exact precision which one will come in handy.

This is why GLOBODOX Mobile App is fantastic.

The GLOBODOX App is available for both the Android and iOS systems. Once your organization utilizes GLOBODOX for their electronic document management, you get access to the repository. This is where files and documents are shared. With your user ID, you can log in and gain access to the repository.
And, here comes the best part – with GLOBODOX App, you can access the repository no matter where you are.
What does this mean for you?
You are at a meeting, trying to convince a potential client that your organization is the right agency. He asks a question and this question is exactly the same query that a current client had. You could go onto explain the whole situation and how you solved it, or, you could actually show what you did. But you can’t possibly be prepared for this by bringing all your papers to a meeting, can you? No, but what you can do is remove your phone and access those visuals to show your client. Showing a visual of the actual work is much, much better than a longdrawn out explanation.
What if you meet a prospective client at a social gathering? You can’t expect to carry around vital documents with you everywhere. However, you don’t have the means to show your work. Once again, the GLOBODOX app comes to your aid. You can pull out your phone and show the prospective client the previous work your organization has done.
You are out of town and are required to check up on some documents. You don’t even need your laptop to check them. A few jabs on your phone will take you to GLOBODOX App where you can easily access them.
All of this is possible because of GLOBODOX’s unique features.

Good Organization and Easy User Interface

The organization and interface stays in line with the GLOBODOX software on your desktop or laptop. Hence, you are familiar with it and can find the necessary files swiftly. You can even move and delete files.

Adaptable on Any Portable Device

GLOBODOX App works well on all recent Android and iOS phones and tablets.


Security would be big concern for any organization. You don’t want to download important files which can be stolen. The GLOBODOX App takes care of this. Whatever files you access are not downloaded. Rather, the files are accessed directly from your organization’s repository.
If are you out of the office and need to access vital organizational documents, the GLOBODOX App makes your life a whole lot easier.


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