World Environment Day 2015 – Use Planet’s Natural Resources Responsibly

The World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5th. We are asked by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) to think of ways to use the planet’s natural resources responsibly. People are becoming increasingly aware of the need for environment-friendly practices. Especially, businesses that use a lot of natural resources like trees, water, etc have to re-think their business processes. For e.g. paper is used on a large scale that is a major contributor to the felling of trees. Trees breathe out oxygen (during the daytime) and help in many other ways to preserve ecological balance. Here’s how you can optimize your use of paper at work (and at home):

Reduce: Consume less paper. Use electronic modes of communication like emails, document sharing etc., rather than print multiple copies of documents. This will also result in a reduction in the consumption of office supplies like ink cartridges, files, folders etc.

Re-use: Do not use a writing pad if there are photocopied sheets lying around. Stash them in your drawer and use them if and as you need them. Print or write on both sides of paper. Reports printed only on one side may look neat, but is not an efficient way to work anymore.

Recycle: If you can, buy only recycled products, be it notepads, A4 sheets, tissues…anything. Important: Paper labeled as “recycled paper” does not necessarily mean it is 100% recycled paper, it could mean anything from 100 percent true recycled paper (great!) to one per cent remanufactured ends of large paper rolls (not that much help); the more ‘post-consumer’ recycled content the better.

Digitize: If the volume of documents your office generates is high, you can reduce the paper documents by converting them to digital formats with the help of a document management software like GLOBODOX. Using GLOBODOX, you can scan and save your paper based documents on the one hand; while on the other, you can create, store and manage electronic documents so as to make your businesses processes more efficient than before.

We at ITAZ Technologies ask you to use a paperless document management software solution like GLOBODOX and be a part in contributing to preserving the ecological balance.

To celebrate World Environment Day, we are offering special discount on purchase of GLOBODOX licenses. Offer is available from the 3rd of June to the 7th of June, 2015. To Know more about the offer, contact us at [email protected]