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India is one of the fastest growing economies of the 21st century. From Mumbai to Chennai, Delhi to Bengaluru, Hyderabad to Ahmedabad, and Pune to Kolkata, every day more & more businesses are adopting modern automation tools to fuel their growth & one up their competition. One such automation tool that has helped businesses from all around the world, is our software GLOBODOX. GLOBODOX is a document management and automation software that helps businesses create, edit, store, share & secure their documents, and also makes businesses more accessible to clients, reduces costs, saves time on paperwork and increases productivity & profits.

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When we first started developing GLOBODOX at our office in Mumbai, our objective was to design a software that was low cost, user-friendly & had all the essential document management features that catered to emerging markets like India. Our first product was an in-premise document management software made specially for those Indian cities where low internet connectivity was still the norm. And thanks to 22 years of product development, and support from our clients and internal teams, GLOBODOX successfully evolved into one of the top rated document management software in India.

But what makes GLOBODOX document management software the ideal choice for an Indian consumer? In short, GLOBODOX helps with the digitisation & automation of documents, which allows consumers to save valuable time & money spent behind costly & unreliable physical document processes. But that’s just the crux of it. Here are a few more reasons why investing in GLOBODOX is the best choice you can make for your business:

Creates a digital database


Allows access on the go


Ensures faster filing & search

Hierarchical security groups

Increases data security


Automates business processes


Supports simultaneous collaboration


Assists in compliance


Accelerates tax filing

GLOBODOX allows you to digitize physical documents (old and new), thus helping you create a digital database for all your business documents, so you never have to go looking into a filing cabinet again.

GLOBODOX can easily be set up on multiple devices like PCs, laptops, tabs & mobile phones, allowing you access to your documents from anywhere around the world.

GLOBODOX provides features that allow you to differentiate or group documents based on their content. This doesn’t just help you categorize documents more efficiently, it also helps you retrieve documents much faster.

GLOBODOX’s enhanced data security features ensure that your documents are always protected against cyber attacks, unrestricted sharing, and all other forms of thefts & leaks. GLOBODOX also allows you to select the kind of server you want for your documents, providing both Indian and International server options.

GLOBODOX allows you to automate most day-to-day document processes like document indexing, transfers, signing, stamping, etc.

GLOBODOX allows you to highlight & add real-time comments to important sections on documents, thus allowing internal teams to collaborate on the same documents simultaneously.

All Indian companies need to abide by certain regulatory compliances, like The New Companies Act of 2013, Tax & Stamp Duty compliances, the Data Protection & Regulation Act, and many more. GLOBODOX helps you to maintain & retrieve all your compliance documents, whenever they are needed.

GLOBODOX allows you to track all your receipts & purchases. This ensures a smoother & faster tax filing process.

Document management software are only as good as the kind of features they offer. GLOBODOX comes equipped with a clear design, large storage space & plenty of features that make document management easier and more accessible to even the non-tech savvy Indian consumers. Some of its features include:

Document tagging, stacking & linking

Built-in scanning & printing

Built-in scanning & printing


Advanced search


Document versioning

Annotate documents & share them with other users in real-time

Document annotations


Document encryption


Document sharing & access control


Custom workflow design

You can use GLOBODOX to add tags to segregate different documents from each other, and you can also stack or link documents together if they belong to a common project or client.

GLOBODOX’s built-in scanning feature supports most scanners and allows you to scan all kinds of single-page or multi-page documents on the go. Similarly, the built-in printing feature allows you to convert documents into PDF, and share them with users as virtual printouts.

GLOBODOX has plenty of advanced search features such as multi-condition search, parameterized searches, in-document search, and multi language search. All these features are designed to help you save time on document searches, by narrowing down your search criterias to match the exact document.

GLOBODOX’s version control feature allows you to create & edit multiple versions of your documents. This feature is especially useful for legal, medical & engineering firms that have to constantly change case or project files based on the client’s needs.

GLOBODOX’s annotations feature allows you to add geometrical shapes, watermarks, bookmarks, highlights, comments, redactions and digital stamps & signatures on your documents.

GLOBODOX’s document encryption feature is an essential tool for individuals that want to protect personal documents on company servers. Document encryption allows you to encrypt documents before uploading them on GLOBODOX, which can then be accessed only by personnel with access to the decryption password.

GLOBODOX’s document sharing control feature allows you to restrict users from emailing, printing or sharing your documents without your consent.

Along with all the workflow automation features, GLOBODOX also allows you to design custom workflows for individual projects, departments, clients, etc; thus providing you complete control over the movement of your documents & employees within your company.

Many Indian businesses like accounting consultancies, legal firms, retail stores, supermarket chains, hospitals, educational institutes & more, have already moved a few steps ahead in the race with the help of a document management software. And this can be your opportunity to make your business more automated, environment conscious, accessible, productive & profitable, using GLOBODOX.

If you are interested in GLOBODOX, but would like to experience it for yourself before making a purchase, sign up for our 30-day free trial or call us on +91 22 4015 0210 .



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