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The ASEAN region has shown significant progress in the last few years, with many countries like Singapore, Mynamna, Vietnam, & Indonesia registering record breaking GDP growths in the pre-pandemic era. But one country that shocked even industry forecasters was Malaysia. Up until a decade ago, Malaysia was considered a developing economy that was largely dependent on mining & agriculture. But thanks to advancements in information technology, artificial intelligence & robotics, the country’s industrial & export sectors began to flourish. In 2015, Malaysia became the second largest technology exporter in the ASEAN region (behind Singapore), surpassing countries like Philippines, Thailand & Indonesia. Most of this growth was credited to new automation technologies that helped speed up production units and reduced damages & costs. And one such automation tool whose entry into the Malaysian market coincided with Malaysia’s growth story was GLOBODOX. In Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Malacca, and many other cities, GLOBODOX has established itself to be the document management software of choice..

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Simply put, GLOBODOX is a document management software that helps businesses move to a completely secure, paperless & digital workspace. GLOBODOX allows you to replicate all your day-to-day document processes online – like document sharing, editing, indexing, versioning, etc. GLOBODOX’s user-friendly & affordable document management solutions don’t just help save valuable time, money & resources, they also ensure businesses become more accessible to clients.

Here are a few reasons why GLOBODOX is the ideal document management system for your business:

Creates a document repository


Reduces errors & delays


Organizes your documents


Supports faster search


Makes reviewing easier


Creates audit trail


Supports document versioning


Grants control over documents

GLOBODOX allows you to create a single digital repository for all your old & new business documents.

GLOBODOX’s automation based digital platform allows you to reduce human errors, as well as accelerate document processes to avoid delays.

GLOBODOX allows you to segregate & organize your documents in a much better way.

GLOBODOX ensures that you always find the document you are looking for within seconds.

GLOBODOX makes it easier for users to access and review documents in real-time.

GLOBODOX creates a concrete paper trail of all your tax & compliance documents, making the audit process easier to manage.

GLOBODOX allows you to create multiple versions of your documents, and also lets you go back to older versions if required.

GLOBODOX grants you complete control over viewing, editing & sharing of your documents.

GLOBODOX provides a wide range of features that are essential for all kinds of businesses. Using GLOBODOX, legal firms can create multiple arguments for their cases, accounting firms can navigate through thousands of invoices, mining firms can sort through all their employee records – all within a matter of seconds. Here are some GLOBODOX features that might be beneficial for your business:

Document Filing


Advanced search


Bulk scanning


Process automation

Document encryption

Document encryption

secure sharing

Secure sharing


Event logs

GLOBODOX’s advanced metadata based filing features like document tagging, stacking & linking allow you to store your documents in a more organised way

GLOBODOX offers plenty of advanced search features like multi-condition search, in-document search & metadata-based search, to help you find your documents faster.

GLOBODOX is equipped with a built-in scanning feature that connects to all types of scanners & lets you scan single-page and multi-page documents on the go.

GLOBODOX provides plenty of features that allow you to automate day-to-day business processes like extracting indexing information, sending workflow notifications, requesting digital signatures & stamps, and much more.

GLOBODOX allows you to encrypt your documents before saving them on GLOBODOX. This adds an extra layer of security and restricts users from viewing encrypted documents.

GLOBODOX features plenty of annotation tools that allow you to redact content, watermark & bookmark documents, highlight & add comments, add text boxes to digital forms, etc.

GLOBODOX’s secure sharing feature allows you to restrict users from printing, emailing or sharing documents in any form, without your permission.

GLOBODOX’s event logging feature tells you exactly when your documents were modified, and by whom.

GLOBODOX is equipped with plenty more features, and offers both in-premise & cloud-based document management solutions. GLOBODOX has already helped thousands of Malaysian companies adopt a more sustainable & profitable work culture. And if you are a Malaysian business looking to grow your business & automate your document processes, GLOBODOX can be the one for you!

Start your GLOBODOX journey by signing up for our 30-day free trial today.



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