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Nicknamed ‘Singapore of Africa’, Rwanda’s industrial & technological growth has been nothing short of spectacular. Registering a constant 5% to 10% GDP growth over the past couple decades, Rwanda now finds its name cited alongside the fastest growing African nations, like South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and fiscal havens like Mauritius & Seychelles. This rapid growth of Rwanda’s industrial sector can largely be credited to a developing technological infrastructure, with more than 75% of the population now having access to 4G internet speeds, and FDIs from countries like China, India and many more. One tool that has helped Rwandan businesses capitalize on this rapid technological growth, is our document & records management system GLOBODOX. GLOBODOX’s document management software have helped Rwandan businesses utilize the full potential of fast internet & universal accessibility, by giving users complete control of all their business information, at one place. GLOBODOX has helped reduce document management costs & time, improved efficiency & productivity, and has successfully helped Rwandan businesses reduce their carbon footprint & paper usage, and transition to a digital business model.

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Although Rwandan sectors like IT & Services are on the rise, most of the country’s population still relies on other sectors like agriculture, mining, hospitality, tourism, energy, etc. All these growing sectors can hugely benefit from GLOBODOX’s streamlined & organized approach of managing information. From delivering mining contract changes to the ground staff in seconds, to cataloging & sharing agricultural produce details with vendors & suppliers, GLOBODOX can be an essential tool for almost all types of Rwandan businesses.

Here are a few ways in which GLOBODOX document management system can help your business:

Reduces costs & increases profitability


Improves accessibility & transparency


Streamlines document filing & search


Automates business processes


Increases data security


Helps comply with regulatory protocols


Accelerates audits & tax filings


Integrates with other systems

Paper & paper-based processes aren’t just time consuming & error-prone, they are also more expensive than their digital counterparts. GLOBODOX allows you to move away from these unreliable manual document processes, and replaces it with a more cost-effective & organised digital information management system, thereby increasing your business’s overall profitability.

GLOBODOX acts as a single digital repository of all your business information, removing the need to switch through multiple folders, filing cabinets or apps to find your documents. This not only increases accessibility, but also helps build a level of transparency required from any good organization.

GLOBODOX lets you replace the traditional folders with a more efficient way of categorizing documents; that doesn't just help you organize your documents better, but also reduces the time it takes to search for them.

Delays in document approvals, transfer, signing , etc are the main contributors of an expensive & outdated information management system. GLOBODOX’s automation based approach lets you automate all these day-to-day workflow processes. You can create simple as well as complex workflow design to suit your business’s requirements.

With features such as regular security updates, industry grade encryption, content redaction, document sharing control, data backups, etc, GLOBODOX ensures that your documents are always protected against thefts & leaks.

GLOBODOX’s secure & streamlined approach of managing information complies with all regulatory data & safety protocols like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act), etc.

GLOBODOX speeds up the otherwise time consuming audit & tax filing processes, by allowing you to track & locate necessary information within seconds.

GLOBODOX SDK & Rest API let you integrate with other business software like accounting & HR management software, and allow you to automatically transfer or manage files from those software through GLOBODOX.

While Rwandan cities like Kigali, Butare, Nyanza, Gisenyi, Cyangugu, Ruhengeri, etc, are already being recognised as the preferred choice for businesses in the country, there are still plenty more cities that have the potential to become Rwanda’s next business hub. With GLOBODOX’s universal accessibility & easy to use features, businesses in tier-1 as well as tier-2 & tier-3 cities can easily overcome adversities like lack of adequate digital infrastructure, trained workforce, expensive office & storage space, etc. Here are some GLOBODOX features that can prove beneficial for anyone looking to upgrade their business or start a new venture in Rwanda:

Metadata based filing


Faster advanced search




Optical character recognition (OCR)


Customer portal

Document retention policies

Document versioning


Document access control

GLOBODOX’s metadata based filing features like tags, stacks & document types let you categorize your documents based on their content, project, client, date, etc. Stacks & document types also allow you to extract indexing information much faster, and share indexing fields with documents belonging to the same stack or document type.

GLOBODOX provides plenty of advanced search features that reduce your document search time by a considerable amount. Some of these features include multi-condition search, in-document search, multi language search, saved searches and more.

GLOBODOX provides all essential annotation features like highlights, comments, bookmarks, watermarks, redaction, form typer, digital signature, etc.

GLOBODOX’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature allows you to automate the indexing of PDF files, and scanned documents & images. OCR recognises and extracts text even from non text based files, thus saving the time & effort you would otherwise spend in doing the process manually.

GLOBODOX’s customer portal is a safe & secure way of giving clients access to their documents. Customer portals act as the single repository of all documents related to a particular client or project, as well as other information like shipping address, client contact information, important dates, etc.

GLOBODOX’s document retention policies allow you to automate the process of archiving or deleting your documents. You can simply select a date on which you would like your documents to be archived or moved to the recycle bin, and GLOBODOX will do it for you. You can also retrieve deleted files that are in GLOBODOX’s recycle bin.

GLOBODOX’s document versioning feature allows you to create multiple versions of your documents. This feature is especially useful to create documents that require constant changes, like legal documents, project plans, tender documents, agreements, and more. You can also retain, edit & share older versions of your documents whenever you want.

GLOBODOX grants you complete control of your documents, within as well as outside your organisation. You can control which user gets to view, edit, share or delete which parts of your documents, as well as the metadata attached to your documents like document tags, indexing information, etc. You can also create hierarchical security groups and grant users access to documents based on their hierarchy, department, project, etc.

GLOBODOX’s success in Rwanda can largely be credited to its user-friendly design and competitive pricing, both of which are a result of more than two decades of industry expertise & customer research. So, if you are also looking for a reliable document management system, to help you upgrade your document processes, and take your business to the next level, check out GLOBODOX.

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