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Over the past few decades, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has cemented itself as the world leader in technology & innovation. Many sectors like transportation, construction, hospitality, tourism & oil & gas have successfully implemented modern technologies like automation, artificial intelligence & robotics to improve & accelerate their business processes. But there are still plenty of businesses in the UAE that haven’t yet realized the potential of digital technologies. One reason why businesses haven’t ventured into the digital space, is because of the lack of know-how, infrastructure & foresight. And that is why such firms need a reliable document management software like GLOBODOX. GLOBODOX is your first step towards a digital transformation. GLOBODOX allows you to scan, upload, share & manage all your documents at one place, automates information transfer processes, improves data security & builds compliance, and much more.

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Businesses, in UAE & around the world, are cautious of new technologies like document management software, because of the misconception that they are expensive & time consuming. But on the contrary, a document management software isn’t just time saving & economical, it also reduces errors, improves efficiency & productivity, and helps businesses prepare a framework for the challenges of tomorrow. In short, a document management software digitises & automates information management processes to create a more streamlined & organised business model for its users.Here is how GLOBODOX DMS can help your business:

Catalogs & organises your documents at one place


Makes document searches easier


Improves data analysis & planning


Automates day-to-day workflow processes


Improves transparency


Enhances data security


Helps maintain compliance protocols


Improves information accessibility

GLOBODOX lets you create a single digital repository of all your documents, and also allows you to use metadata to organise your documents into identifiable groups based on the document’s content, type, or relation to a particular project or client.

GLOBODOX’s advanced search features are designed to reduce document search time. Features like metadata based search, multi condition search, multi language search, etc, allow you to narrow down your search criterias & locate your documents within seconds.

GLOBODOX makes it easier for you to extract & index important data from documents. This data is in turn useful in building legal cases, project estimates & mandates, resource allocation plans, etc.

One of the most resourceful uses of GLOBODOX is to automate day-to-day document processes like document transfers, document approvals, etc.

GLOBODOX ensures transparency by providing information like when a document was uploaded, when a document was modified, deleted or archived, as well as the name of the users that made changes to the document. You can also retain older versions of documents, in case certain changes were made without your knowledge or permission.

GLOBODOX provides a wide range of security features that allow you to protect your documents, both internally as well as externally.

GLOBODOX allows you to create & maintain a paper trail of all your compliance documents, like purchase & sale records, employee records, email records, employee benefit programs, etc.

GLOBODOX’s web & mobile applications ensure 24*7 access to your documents at your home, on the commute, or at any place with an internet connection.

Many UAE businesses in cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, and more, rely on GLOBODOX’s document management solutions for their everyday paperwork. And that’s why, over the years, GLOBODOX has transformed itself into one of the most trustworthy & easy to use DMS in the world. GLOBODOX’s user-friendly design & automation based features ensure a smooth transition for new users looking to switch to a digital document management system. Here are how some of GLOBODOX’s features, and how they make document management easier for you:

Metadata based filing


Multi-condition search


Document Versioning & Encryption


Document Retention Policies


Annotations & Digital Signatures


Custom workflow automation


Document access control


Customer Portal

GLOBODOX’s metadata based filing features like tags, links, document types & stacks don’t just allow you to organise your documents in a much better way, they also make document searches easier

GLOBODOX’s multi-condition search is an advanced search feature that lets you add multiple search criterias to find the precise documents. You can add search criterias like client name, invoice amount, date, etc, and you can also base your search on the document’s tag or indexed information.

GLOBODOX’s document versioning feature lets you create multiple versions of your documents, and also allows you to retain & work with older versions of documents. Document encryption allows you to encrypt your documents before storing them on GLOBODOX, to restrict certain users from accessing those documents.

GLOBODOX’s document retention features let you automate the document archiving & deleting process. You can simply select a date on which you would like your documents to be archived or deleted, and GLOBODOX will do it for you. You can also retrieve any document deleted by a user, as long as it is available in GLOBODOX’s recycle bin.

GLOBODOX cuts down your document approval time by allowing you to automatically add digital signatures to your documents once they have been approved, as well as with annotations like bookmarks, redaction, highlights, comments, watermarks, etc, that let you share essential information & feedback with other users in real-time.

GLOBODOX’s workflow automation feature allows you to automate processes like document transfers & approvals. GLOBODOX also allows you to customize the workflow design to suit more complex processes like multi-level document approvals, reassigning of delayed tasks, etc.

Document access control allows you to restrict select users or groups of users, from viewing, modifying, sharing or deleting your documents. You can add multiple layers of restrictions to your documents at different stages, and you can also create document security groups to grant users access to documents based on their department, hierarchy, etc.

GLOBODOX’s customer portal can be used to give customers a safe & secure way of accessing their documents. You can store all documents related to a client or project in a particular customer’s portal, as well as other information like shipping address, contact information, important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

GLOBODOX is a 5-star rated, on-premise & cloud based document management software, that provides 24*7 customer support, user customisations, free demos & a 30-day free trial to new users. Many businesses all over the world have successfully improved their document processes by believing in GLOBODOX, and it’s time you should too. Start your 30 day free trial of GLOBODOX on the link below.

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