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The last two years saw many UK businesses ditch their traditional methods for more modern digital technologies. Most sectors, in the United Kingdom and around the world, like retail, manufacturing, service, transport, hospitality, etc moved to AI, robotics & automation based tools to keep up with the changing needs of their consumers. Educational classes moved online, drones were carrying out food deliveries, greeters & servers were replaced with self-service kiosks, and fully automated robotic lines were manufacturing even the simplest of products. But while the world was taking note of these technological marvels, there was one tool that was quietly laying out a digital framework for UK businesses, a tool that was probably the most important step towards making this digital revolution possible, and that tool was none other than our document management software GLOBODOX. But why is a document management system so crucial to any business? Because it provides its users a way of managing their information in one of the most secure, organized & efficient ways possible. You see, before it became sort of mandatory for businesses to go digital, most United Kingdom businesses were still losing sleep over misplaced documents, document approval delays, unorganized filing cabinets, and much more. But with the introduction of GLOBODOX, all these documentation problems disappeared like they never existed. Documents got backed up & archived, document approvals & transfers got automated, and organizing documents became child’s play. GLOBODOX helped businesses save time & money, reduce delays & errors and increase productivity, and allowed them to completely digitize & automate their information management.

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The UK is one of the first recipients of the 5G technology in the world. This provides UK businesses a unique opportunity to capitalize on remote working – a shift that has been warranted by UK employees for quite some time. GLOBODOX is just the tool that can help you do that. GLOBODOX’s organizational capabilities aren’t just limited to faster information search, they also allow you to automate your workflow processes, enhance data security measures, control access to your documents, maintain an organizational log, and so much more. All these measures are designed to reduce your daily paperwork time, and allow you to focus on other important things at hand. Here are some of the benefits of investing in GLOBODOX document management software:

Improves accessibility & transparency

Improves data security

Segregates documents into searchable groups


Grants complete control over documents


Automates document transfers & approvals


Helps comply with UK’s data safety protocols


Supports real-time feedback


Integrates with other business software

GLOBODOX allows you to store, edit, manage & share all your business documents at one place. This improves accessibility to information and increases transparency across the entire organization.

GLOBODOX lets you organize your documents into folders, stacks or document types. These metadata based features allow you to categorize your documents based on their type, content, client, project, etc, and make document searches much less time consuming.

Delays in document transfers & approvals can cost an organization valuable time & money. GLOBODOX automatically transfers your documents to the necessary user or department, based on your workflow needs.

GLOBODOX allows you to share immediate feedback with other users in your organization. You can highlight important sections of a document or add comments about necessary edits, which can be viewed by other users in real-time.

GLOBODOX industry grade encryption algorithm, and countless other document security features ensure that your documents are always protected against thefts & leaks.

GLOBODOX grants you complete control over your documents. You can restrict users from viewing, editing, sharing or deleting your documents, as well as the metadata attached to the documents.

UK’s data security regulations state that UK based businesses can only store their information on servers located within the EU. GLOBODOX’s provides both on-premise servers, as well as cloud based servers located in the EU, to make sure your business complies with the necessary requirements.

GLOBODOX SDK & Rest API lets you integrate with other business software like accounting, HR, etc. You can easily manage or transfer documents from these software, with the help of GLOBODOX.

GLOBODOX document management system has transformed document management for business all over the UK, including cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff, Liverpool & many more. Every day, more and more UK businesses are choosing GLOBODOX’s carefully & extensively designed document management features, over traditional paper based processes. Here are some of GLOBODOX’s features that have allowed businesses all across the world, transition to a completely digital, paperless workplace:

Document tagging & linking


Document retention policies


Automated indexing


Custom workflow automation


Faster advanced search


Event logs


Document versioning & encryption


Customer portal

Document tagging allows you to add custom metadata based tags to your documents. Tags allow you to locate your documents much faster. Document linking allows you to link related documents or stacks together. You can link documents based on a particular client, project or department, to allow easier access to your employees.

GLOBODOX OCR text recognition automatically indexes every file that is added to GLOBODOX. You can also start the indexing process manually, and block the indexing of unnecessary or large files.

GLOBODOX provides a keyword based search feature similar to Google search. You can search using tags, metadata, document text, and you can also add multiple search criterias to filter your search results even further.

Document versioning allows you to create & retain multiple versions of the same documents. It also allows you to track every version created, and choose how many versions of a document you would like to make. Document encryption allows you to restrict unauthorized access to your documents. Once a document is encrypted, it can only be accessed with the necessary permissions.

GLOBODOX’s document retention policies grant you complete control over your storage space. You can choose when you want to archive or delete old documents, and you can also retrieve deleted documents from GLOBODOX’s recycle bin.

GLOBODOX allows you to automate workflow processes like document transfers, approvals, signing, stamping, etc. It also allows you to create your own custom workflow design to suit your organization’s needs. You can create simple as well as complex workflow designs, and you can also change the designs whenever you want.

Event logs allow you track every single activity pertaining to your documents. Event logs tell you when a document was first added to GLOBODOX, every single time it was modified or shared, as well as the names of the users that modified or shared the document.

GLOBODOX customer portals are a safe & secure way of allowing clients access to their documents. Customer portals can be used to store all documents related to any client or project, as well as other client information like shipping address, contact information, important dates, etc.

GLOBODOX is a 5-star rated document management software that has helped UK businesses from all sectors, like education, hospitality, retail, medical, legal, construction, etc. And it’s time you too gave up your paper binders & filing cabinets, and switched to the environmentally conducive & reliable document management solutions provided by GLOBODOX. Click below to know more about our features & pricing, or to take a 30-day free trial.

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