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Ever wondered why so many people in the USA are quitting their jobs? It is estimated that over 8.5 million US workers, across multiple fields of work, quit their jobs in August & September 2021 alone. Although excess manual work & lower wages are cited as the primary reasons for this ‘Mass Resignation’, there are a few other reasons as well, like lack of technological support & preference of working from home. What US businesses need to learn from other developed nations is the importance of utilizing modern technologies to improve working conditions for their employees. One such technological tool that can benefit businesses across every sector is our document management software GLOBODOX. GLOBODOX is an automation based information management tool, that reduces more than 30 minutes of your daily work by simply streamlining & organizing document processes. GLOBODOX allows you to edit, manage, store & share all your documents at one place, reducing errors, delays & misplacements. GLOBODOX’s user-friendly interface & easy to learn features have helped thousands of US businesses move to a completely secure & paperless workplace.

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The past two years saw the closure of many businesses, in the US & across the world, owing to outdated technologies and lack of a proper digital framework. GLOBODOX ensures a seamless digital transition for your business by replicating all your day-to-day processes online. Want to keep a track of your inventory, invoices & staff? Share documents with select departments? Give immediate feedback to other team members? GLOBODOX DMS will not just accomplish all these tasks, it will do it faster & more efficiently. Here are a few more reasons why US businesses choose GLOBODOX:


Improves information accessibility


Automates workflow processes


Improves document filing, tracking & search


Improves multi-user collaboration


Increases data security


Extracts text from scanned documents using OCR


Ensures compliance


Sets document retention policies

GLOBODOX acts as a single point of access for all your business information. This allows you to save time on navigating through multiple apps for different document types. GLOBODOX’s web & mobile applications also ensure that you can access your documents from anywhere, at any time.

GLOBODOX’s metadata based filing & search system lets you organize & track your documents more efficiently, so you don’t waste time looking for documents.

GLOBODOX’s industry grade encryption system & countless other security features are designed to give you complete control of your documents & to protect your documents from all kinds of thefts & leaks.

Businesses in the USA are required to comply with laws such as the Dodd-Frank Act, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) & much more. GLOBODOX allows you to maintain & track all the documents needed to comply with these security protocols.

GLOBODOX replicates all your day-to-day document workflow tasks online, like document transfers & approvals, digital signing & stamping, etc.

GLOBODOX annotations such as highlights & bookmarks, and other features such as printing, fax & email support, allow you to share immediate feedback with other users, reducing information transfer delays & errors.

GLOBODOX’s built-in OCR allows you to extract text from scanned documents, PDF files & images. OCR is a unique feature that lets you index large quantities of scanned documents or images, within seconds.

GLOBODOX allows you to create your own document retention policies. You can choose when you would like your documents to get archived or deleted, and you can also recover deleted documents from GLOBODOX’s recycle bin.

GLOBODOX’s affordability, user-friendly design & wide range of features have made it the go-to document management solution for many businesses across the United States, in states like Washington DC, New York, Texas, Florida, California, New Jersey, South Carolina, Mississippi & many more. Here are some of the features you will get when you invest in GLOBODOX:

Document types & stacks


Built-in scanning & printing


Document versioning


System integration


Zone maps


Customer portal


Watch folders


Event logging

GLOBODOX features like document types & stacks allow you to categorize your documents into respective groups or subsets for easier tracking. They also allow you to share document’s indexing data based on their respective type or stack.

Document versioning allows you to create multiple versions of the same documents, so you can always go back & continue working on older versions if required. It also tracks the number of document versions created, and lets you choose how many versions of a document you would like to create, before starting up a new project.

Zone Maps allows you to automate the process of extracting indexing information from form based documents like invoices, agreements, etc. You can choose any section of a document that you would like GLOBODOX to map for information, like ‘Amount’ or ‘Date’ on your invoices, and GLOBODOX will automatically extract the ‘Amount’ or ‘Date’ from all your invoices, and insert in the desired indexing field.

Watch Folders allows you to automatically transfer documents from your hard drive into GLOBODOX. Choose which folders you would like GLOBODOX to watch, and GLOBODOX will automatically transfer new documents coming into those folders, to GLOBODOX.

GLOBODOX’s built-in scanning support lets you connect to all popular scanners, allowing you to scan & share information on the go. The built-in virtual printing feature allows you to share virtual printouts with other users as PDF files, reducing both documentation costs & time.

GLOBODOX SDKs & Rest API allow you to easily integrate GLOBODOX with other business applications like HR & accounting software, so that all documents created in these applications are automatically tracked & added into GLOBODOX.

GLOBODOX customer portals are a safe & secure way of giving your customers access to their documents, using their own individual login credentials. Customer portals act as a repository of all documents related to a particular client or project, as well as other information related to the clients, like shipping address, contact details, important dates, etc.

GLOBODOX’s event logging helps you track your documents through their entire life cycle. Event logs tell you when your document was first imported to GLOBODOX, every time it was accessed or modified, as well as the name of the users that made changes to the document.

GLOBODOX has worked wonders for US businesses across all sectors, like construction, government, retail, healthcare, small business, engineering, hospitality, education, and many more. And if you aspire to take your business efficiency to the levels of Google, Apple or Tesla, you should definitely check out GLOBODOX document management software.

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