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Windows Desktop Client

Version: 13.08.01 | Size: 230.9 MB

Web Browser Client

Version: 13.08.01 | Size: 44.6 MB

Installation Guide (PDF)

Note: You will need to install GLOBODOX Windows Desktop Client before installing the above setup.

Mobile App



Windows Active Directory Integration

Managing large numbers of users made easy.
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Work seamlessly by integrating document management into your existing applications.
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Customer Portal

A self-service portal for authorized customers to access their documents.
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Notification Service

Get email or pop-up notifications when a document is shared or a task is assigned.
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Other Downloads

GLOBODOX DB Engine Installer

For speedier and more stable user experience, download and run the GLOBODOX DB Engine Installer.
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GLOBODOX Backup Utility

Download the GLOBODOX Back utility on the server to backup the GLOBODOX databases.
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GLOBODOX Workflow Cleanup Utility

Download the Workflow Cleanup Utility on the server to clear all the completed workflows in GLOBODOX.
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GLOBODOX Remote Support Utility

Download the GLOBODOX Remote Support utility on the machine on which you need assistance with GLOBODOX.
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MySQL ODBC Drivers

Download the MySQL ODBC drivers on all machines on which GLOBODOX is installed if you are using MySQL-based GLOBODOX databases.
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