Globodox Drive- Access Documents with Ease

Handling your documents just got easier and simpler at the office. The Globodox Drive is a new feature that comes with Globodox document management software. What it does is simple, yet effective. You can now access your documents without even having to opening your Globodox application. Just like the C: and D: drives appear on your My Computer window, now there will be a Globodox Drive. Why is this important? Because now you can use Globodox like you open and access any other folder through your system. This feature saves on training time for new users. You can transfer files without landing up with too many tags or folders. You will find this prevents new users from creating an organisational mess. Such a feature also gives many possibilities on how your organization can apply it.

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Managing Documents Through Windows Explorer

Simply open Windows Explorer and you’ll find the Globodox Drive there. You don’t have to constantly open Globodox to add and index files. You can now just drag and drop the files in the Globodox Drive to index them.
You can easily edit those documents in the Drive too. With a single check-in feature, add the revised document into the Globodox repository.
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Attaching Emails Made Simple/Quick

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Usually, to attach a document which is stored in your Globodox repository, you would have to first open Globodox, download the file and finally, attach it to your email. Quite a long process!
With Globodox Drive, all those processes become redundant. You can directly attach the file through your email client to the mail by accessing Globodox Drive folder. It is quick, simple and provides you a way to attach your files to the emails in a way you are used to.

Open Globodox Document from any Application

You are swiftly working on a MS Word document and wish to access a Globodox stored-document to view relevant information. You would have to open Globodox, download the file and after that, open the file using MS Word.
Once again, Globodox Drive cuts through all these steps. The File Open box allows you to open the file in MS Word (or any other Windows application) directly from the Drive without even opening Globodox.
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