Go Paperless Using Document Management Software

Manage your documents and business processes electronically with Globodox to get a paperless office

Why use document management software?

Most businesses (and people in general) find it easy to create documents but hard to organise them and control their proliferation. There is a desperate need to have a system that will give you that control over creating documents, digitizing them, organising and sharing them. Simple file management software does not help this cause. That’s why you need to put in place a document management system. Globodox is a document management software that helps you do all this with ease.

Benefits of using document management software:

  • Reduced costs: Document management software helps you scan your paper based documents into digital formats. Combined with automation of business processes, this reduces your consumption of paper and other office supplies. This results in big savings in terms of costs.
  • Work done speedily: Switching between documents stored in the same application is far quicker than shuffling through stacks and files of paper. Globodox document management software allows you to link documents together and thereby switch between them in only 1 click! This speeds up your business processes, resulting in time savings and quicker decision-making.
  • Improved productivity: As your employees can perform their tasks speedily, they can do more in the same amount of time, leading to an increase in their productivity.

Reap these benefits by using Globodox document management software to…

  1. Digitize paper based documents into electronic files like PDF, TIFF etc..
  2. Organize documents in several ways to make them search friendly
  3. Find documents in seconds using multiple search criteria
  4. Route Documents as part of automated business processes
  5. Manage Emails and faxes right from within Globodox
  6. Collaborate on documents using check-in and checkout features
  7. Secure Access to documents using role-based permissions
  8. Keep an Audit Trail of actions performed in Globodox; etc.

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