Email Management

The internet and email enable businesses to improve communications, access information and cut costs. Used effectively they can also help you to improve efficiency, find new business opportunities and work more closely with customers and suppliers. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to manage email messages.

Globodox is a document management software which can also manage emails as well as other electronic files. It also features an integrated set of tools for scanning, indexing, searching, securing, sharing, auditing and workflow.

Email management incorporated with a Document Management System will help you manage e-mails and electronic files more efficiently. You will also meet the requirements that are necessary for compliances like HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Importing E-mails from MS Outlook to Globodox is very easy. Just drag and drop your mails on the E-mail document type and your done. Along with the e-mails, attachments are also imported to Globodox. The E-mail document type also has Indexing fields (meta data) where you can fill in the details of the Email. You can modify these indexing fields, if you wish you can add you own indexing field to this document type. You can also link the Emails to other documents that are related to it. All E-mails that are related to a contact can be stacked together. Globodox has a very powerful security using which you can decide as to who can view and who cannot view the message.

Globodox also has an internal mailing system that can be used to send messages and tasks to other Globodox users in your network. You can also set up workflow to send messages, notifications and get approvals. The internal messages can be monitored and tracked.

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