Globodox : File management system will track and store critical business documents in a systematic manner for ease of use.

File Management System

Missing files, lost typefaces and even folders that aren’t properly sorted can affect people’s livelihood especially when facing a deadline. In reality, something as simple as a missing linked file can put a hold on a project, and potentially mar your reputation as a professional.

The best tool for file management can be a document management system such as Globodox. Using Globodox as a file management system will help you or the users find whatever file they are looking for without wasting any time. The minimal set of requirements for a file management system is that the user should be able to create, delete, read, and change files; users may have controlled access to other users’ files and control what types of accesses are allowed to the users’ files; they should be able to restructure the user’s files in a form appropriate to the problem and should be able to move data between files as well as be able to back up and recover the user’s files in case of damage.

Objectives of a file management system are:
  • Easy to use and update: The minimalist approach in the interface and automated installation process makes it hassle-free for users.
  • Meet the data management needs and requirements of the user as well as guarantee that the data in the file are valid
  • Optimize performance through effective and efficient organization
  • Provide input and output support for a variety of storage device types
  • Minimize or eliminate the potential for lost or destroyed data
  • Provide a standardized set of input and output interface routines
  • Robust user management: Department heads and managers can delegate document management duties to any number of staff members, through user and group permissions. Permissions can be set as restrictively or permissively as needed.
  • Files can be quickly rolled back to previous versions as required as all versions are maintained.

For companies big and small, a constant challenge is keeping track of where their documents are, who the last person to work on them was and knowing what each author contributed. File management system ensures that all versions of a document are preserved while at the same time giving instant visibility to the most recent iteration.

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