Use Globodox Folder Monitor to watch a folder for new files

Never miss an important document – Capture your documents even while you are away with Folder Monitor

Why it is important to monitor a folder for new files…

Businesses across the world recognize that a document management system helps you in storing and managing documents from a central location. Simplifying addition of documents is one way of improving adoption of document management software in your office. Globodox Folder Monitor does just that.

What does Globodox Folder Monitor do?

If you choose Globodox as your software for managing documents, you can configure it to watch a folder for new files as they are added to specific folders. The moment a new document is added to any of the pre-specified folders, it is automatically imported to Globodox. This is known as the Folder Monitor feature in Globodox.

Usage Scenarios for Globodox Folder Monitor

  • Globodox works with any TWAIN compliant scanner. Most scanners are compliant but some are not TWAIN compliant; e.g. Fujitsu Scansnap, some network scanners etc. So they cannot scan a document directly into Globodox. They can only scan them to a folder on your machine. Globodox allows you to work even with such scanners – you can configure Folder Monitor to watch for this folder so that every time a scanned document is added to this folder, it is automatically captured and added to Globodox!
  • Let’s say you have a reporting system that generates reports and saves them to a particular folder. If you need to refer to those reports, you can configure Folder Monitor to get the reports from that folder into Globodox.

Benefits of using Globodox for managing documents and to monitor a folder…

Globodox folder monitor helps you save time, organize documents systematically and maintain security of documents. Here’s how…

  • Get documents automatically imported to Globodox – save time!
  • Scanned and electronic documents – both can be imported to Globodox
  • Configure to monitor multiple folders – e.g. create one exclusively for scanned documents
  • Documents are imported even when Globodox is not running!
  • Control which documents to add – you can apply filters to exclude and include specific file types ;e.g. .doc, .txt etc.
  • Organize documents by folders, tags, document types and even project wise while they are being imported.
  • Easy to find documents using Quick, Advanced and Saved Searches
  • Quickly route these documents for review, approval etc. using automated workflows
  • Document level access control and other security features ensure safety of documents added via Folder Monitor

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