Globodox : Paperless Office Solutions offer major cost savings in terms of filing space and retrieval time.

Paperless Office Solutions

From mounting printing and storage costs to business process problems and security risks – the elimination of paper in offices has become imperative.

Create digital documents: The ability to create digital documents is inexpensive and readily available allowing the resulting digital documents to be shared easily and securely; impossible with paper documents.

Electronic distribution of digital documents: The ability to electronically distribute documents directly to recipients is safe, much faster and less expensive than with paper.

File digital documents electronically: Paperless Office Solutions offers major cost savings in terms of filing space and retrieval time. In addition, ongoing management of digital document storage is much more efficient.

While document management is an important part of the paperless office, other technology can help make the switch to electronic communication easier.

For a paperless office solution to work, a company needs the security of knowing digital documents are duplicated. This can be done through on-site back-up to a disk, hard drive or server. However, some less-used data can simply be archived, or stored off site for record keeping in case it’s needed at some point. Benefit from data archiving services in which an exact copy, or mirrored repository, of your database is kept off site so that your company can retrieved and used at any time.

Security solutions: While electronic documents provide a level of security beyond paper on their own, you may want to go beyond the security offered as part of a document management solution. Choose a solution that provides confidentiality by protecting against unauthorized entry. It must have integrity in that data within the device can’t be altered. And it must limit availability by requiring authorization before the database can be used.

Paperless office solutions offer a lot of benefits for every company that has paper. Reduce not only the amount of paper being used, but the time and energy it takes to manage that physical piece of paper. On average, 15% of all documents are lost or mis-filed; imagine never having to worry about another ‘lost’ document? With Globodox paperless office solutions, once a document is stored it never has to re-filed again! With the right permissions, a document can be accessed regardless of their physical location by multiple employees- no looking through the filing cabinets, no copying, no mailing, no re-filing – all your important information is simply a click away!

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