Globodox Bug Fixes

Version – May 31 2016

  1. Fixed: Occasional Crash when performing a Quick Search.
  2. Fixed: Occasional error when previewing Word or Excel files.
  3. Fixed: Minor Bug Fixes and enhancements.


Version – April 29 2016

  1. Fixed: Error when using MySQL DB on a Linux machine.
  2. Fixed: Tags not being imported via the Import Wizard.
  3. Fixed: Error when converting a MS Access DB with a space in its DB name.

Version – March 30 2016

  1. Fixed: Reports in MySQL DB not working if the criteria was based on the modified date.
  2. Fixed: Minor bugs.


Version – March 15 2016

  1. Fixed: Minor Bug Fixes


Version – February 26 2016

  1. Fixed: Error when indexing a document imported from a read only source
  2. Fixed: Command line options are now blocked on client install. They can only be run on the server machine
  3. Fixed: If during check-in, the checked out document is not found in the default folder (for e.g. if it has been renamed) then GLOBODOX will now prompt for the file to check-in
  4. Fixed: During a bulk file addition operation, errors due to long file paths were not being correctly handled. This has now been fixed. The operation will now continue and a list of such files will be displayed at the end of the operation.
  5. Fixed: Previews of previous versions of a document are now being displayed in the Web Client.
  6. Fixed: Additional minor bugs


Version – February 11 2016

  1. Minor Bug Fixes


Version 10 – December 22 2015

  1. Fixed: Globodox Drive not working on Windows 10.
  2. Fixed: Virtual Printing not working for Non-English files.
  3. Fixed: Certain linked documents being unlinked when a Document type is deleted.
  4. Fixed: Occasional error when previewing certain Word and Excel files.
  5. Fixed: Login dialog not displayed ocassionally.


Version – October 16 2014

  1. Improved: Memory management when loading large PDF files.
  2. Fixed: Error when applying a registration key and logging out.
  3. Fixed: Error when exiting Globodox after the session timeout is expired.

Version – May 14 2014

  1. Fixed: Error when using Globodox with Terminal Services.
  2. Fixed: Options set in the Options dialog not remembered when you logout and login back to Globodox.
  3. Fixed: File getting deleted from the Local/Global Capture folder if a file type was specified not to be added in the Exception dialog and when the option ‘Delete file from Monitored folder’ is selected.
  4. Fixed: Preview link not appearing for documents linked to a Stack when Auto-preview of document is turned off.
  5. Fixed: Error when setting Security Label for a field in Globodox.
  6. Fixed: Certain Events not being displayed in the Event Log for a specific document.
  7. Fixed: Error when viewing a folder structure in Globodox drive.

Version – February 05 2014

  1. Fixed: Error in the Export Wizard when exporting data after saving a export profile.
  2. Fixed: ‘Add folders from disk’ dialog treated zip files as folders.
  3. Fixed: Error when deleting a stack in a MySQL DB.
  4. Fixed: ‘Add folders from Disk’ occasionally crashing.
  5. Fixed: Occasional error when previewing certain Word and Excel files.
  6. Fixed: Document Title being replaced by the File name of the document.
  7. Fixed: Error when using a workflow with ‘ character in the Workflow name.
  8. Fixed: Other minor bugs.

Version – June 17 2013

  1. Fixed: Error when choosing columns for Quick Search in a Stack.
  2. Fixed: Image cropping during rotation.
  3. Fixed: Error when exporting a previous version of a document.
  4. Fixed: User being created even when password requirements are not met.
  5. Fixed: Error when saving a Document Type/Stack Type after a field is deleted.
  6. Fixed: Remember password option was visible even if ‘Allow remember password’ policy was set to No.
  7. Fixed: Occasional bug when cropping a document.
  8. Fixed: Other minor bugs.

Version – June 03 2013

  1. Fixed: Cannot assign folders or tags selectively to a batch of documents in the scan window.
  2. Fixed: Folder Monitor not working in Active Directory mode.
  3. Fixed: Barcode detection improved for barcoded separator pages.
  4. Fixed: Text Extraction not performed on certain documents.
  5. Fixed: Merge option missing when scanning.
  6. Fixed: Other Minor Bugs

Version – April 10 2013

  1. Fixed: Slow loading when previewing MS Outlook MSG files
  2. Fixed: Text extraction on certain Word and Excel documents.
  3. Fixed: Scan Quality improved.
  4. Fixed: Globodox fails to launch when you change the password for a user who has checked the Automatically login on start-up option.
  5. Fixed: When a document is checked out via the Edit button and you check-in the document, the document does not get removed from the checkout folder.
  6. Fixed: Wrong date being displayed for Emails captured in Globodox that are sent from Outlook.
  7. Fixed: Error when upgrading to Globodox from version 6.
  8. Fixed: Occasional errors when scanning documents using a higher DPI.
  9. Fixed: Bug when exporting a date column to a csv file.
  10. Fixed: Problem when refreshing a list after a search result was performed.
  11. Fixed: Folder monitor encounters an error when it is being monitored by a user having multiple roles.
  12. Fixed: Other minor bugs

Version – October 30 2012

  1. Fixed: Bug when adding documents to an already existing tag.
  2. Fixed: Occasional problem when searching for Tags.
  3. Fixed: Email Capture stops capturing email when a large file name is detected for an attachment or subject.
  4. Fixed: Error ‘Invalid File format’ when viewing thumbnails for a document.
  5. Fixed: ‘In Workflow’ field not being updated when a document is routed for a Workflow process.
  6. Fixed: When a document on a particular page of the List pane is deleted or refreshed, the List pane display reverts to the first page rather than remaining on the same page.
  7. Fixed: Certain File Type icons not being displayed when viewing a Document Type.
  8. Fixed: Note and Bookmark fonts in annotations not displayed clearly.
  9. Fixed: Auto-preview now optimizes when documents are fetched for preview.
  10. Fixed: You can now search for folders with less than 3 characters.
  11. Fixed: Occasional problem when rendering PDF files.
  12. Fixed: Enter key now initiates a search in the Lookup dialog.
  13. Fixed: Cannot save a profile in the Export Wizard.
  14. Fixed: Cannot use a saved profile in the Import Wizard.
  15. Fixed: Other minor bugs.


Version – January 31 2012

  1. Fixed: Occasional error when routing a Stack which contained a Security Label
  2. Fixed: Error when running Live Disc with a registered Version of Globodox
  3. Fixed: Occasional error when adding multiple bookmarks on a document
  4. Fixed: Error when forwarding or replying to a message routed by the workflow
  5. Fixed: Other minor bug fixes


Version – December 22 2011

  1. Fixed: Print all pages option not working
  2. Fixed: Occasional error when modifying a document using the Image Editor
  3. Fixed: Export all pages option not working
  4. Fixed: Error when adding annotations on a language Version of Windows
  5. Fixed: Bug when re-routing a Workflow which is already in progress
  6. Fixed: Apply to Child items option not working in the Share Activity
  7. Fixed: Error when viewing document in the Tags node
  8. Fixed: Occasional error when viewing Word documents
  9. Fixed: Other minor bug fixes


Version – September 15 2011

  1. Fixed: Error when upgrading Globodox to the latest Version when Audit events are enabled.
  2. Fixed: Error when exporting a document which has : or / in the Document Title.
  3. Fixed: Globodox does not preview previous Version for zip files.
  4. Fixed: Occasional error when viewing a Word/Excel document using the inbuilt viewer.
  5. Fixed: Error when running Globodox from a Live Disc.
  6. Fixed: Size of scanned documents has now been reduced to the earlier small size.
  7. Fixed: Setting the parent group for a new group before the new group is saved.
  8. Fixed: Bug when using an Auto-generate field.
  9. Fixed: Globodox showing a crash error message when it reaches the Inactivity timeout limit.
  10. Fixed: Date Time field value not remembered in the Workflow Designer when using the ‘Change DateTime field value’ Activity.
  11. Fixed: Occasional error when previewing certain Office 2011 Word and Excel files.


Version – July 14 2011

  1. Fixed: Error when creating a Document Type in MySQL 5.5.
  2. Fixed: Error while loading a PDF document in the Zone Map Editor window.
  3. Fixed: Error when extracting text from certain Word/Excel documents.
  4. Fixed: Error when displaying certain Word/Excel documents.
  5. Fixed: Export List option not working when “Task and Messages” node is selected.
  6. Fixed: Minor Bug fixes.


Version – April 29 2011

  1. Fixed: Annotations not being printed while faxing documents.
  2. Fixed: Error when viewing large PDF files.
  3. Fixed: Scan profile not being saved when creating a new scan profile.
  4. Fixed: OCR not being performed on PDF documents scanned in Globodox.
  5. Fixed: Workflow – Message being sent to one user only though multiple users are assigned to the ‘Send Message’ activity (when using the email mode).
  6. Fixed: Occasional error when dragging and dropping files from Outlook.
  7. Fixed: Workflows created in Version 6 not getting upgraded correctly to Version 7.
  8. Fixed: The privilege to delete a document incorrectly linked to ‘View Doc Version’ privilege.
  9. Fixed: Incorrect primary field value displayed for a linked stack after it is modified.
  10. Fixed: Occasional error when extracting text from a TIFF file using JPEG compression.
  11. Fixed: OCR not being performed on PDF files that contain large images.
  12. Fixed: Export button not working in the Workflow Monitor.
  13. Fixed: User being allowed to modify and save extracted text though the ‘Edit Metadata’ privilege is not available.
  14. Fixed: The ‘In workflow’ flag not being set when the workflow display name is more than 50 characters.
  15. Fixed: ‘Print selected’ option not working correctly in the Print List dialog.
  16. Fixed: Incorrect date format displayed when viewing MS Excel files using the in-built viewer.


Version – February 28 2011

  1. Fixed: Globodox becomes unresponsive when adding a large file.
  2. Fixed: Globodox does not detect a blank page when using a blank page separator when scanning.
  3. Fixed: Text extraction not happening for DOCX and XLSX files on a 64 bit machine.
  4. Fixed: Folder Monitor abruptly stops monitoring a folder.
  5. Fixed: Occasional error when sorting columns in the List view.
  6. Fixed: Occasional error when moving between Stacks and All Documents.
  7. Fixed: Annotations not remembered when added to the Image editor window.
  8. Fixed: Adding files to Globodox aborts when a corrupted file is detected in between.
  9. Fixed: When a document is checked-out and checked-in , the document does not get deleted from the checked-out folder.
  10. Other minor bug fixes.


Version – September 14 2010

  1. Fixed: Error when adding a file with Arabic file name.
  2. Fixed: Bug when importing a text file with Arabic characters.
  3. Fixed: Auto-generate field was not allowed to have null values.
  4. Fixed: Security Label when set for a field is now remembered and works.


Version – June 15 2010

Minor bug fixes.


Version – February 09 2010

  1. Fixed: Document Title is not exported as the filename of the document, when exporting folders along with documents.
  2. Fixed: Cannot drag n drop documents, from within Globodox, to a Stack.
  3. Fixed: Cannot change the properties of a field in a Document Type or Stack Type.
  4. Fixed: Error when converting a DB to SQL Server, when using a instance name.
  5. Fixed: Error while adding files not supported for OCR.
  6. Fixed: Error when launching Workflow Designer and Workflow Monitor from the Start menu.
  7. Fixed: Error when clicking on Show Extracted Text when no item is present in the List pane.
  8. Fixed: Printing of Annotation done wrongly.
  9. Fixed: Error when adding a password protected PDf file.
  10. Fixed: Error when sorting Type column in Encryption settings.
  11. Fixed: Application crashes when a scan is done with ‘Auto deskew’ option enabled ( Usually seen in Windows7 and Vista).
  12. Fixed: Error when a PDF file is rotated and Save and Check-in button is clicked.


Version – December 28 2009

  1. Fixed: OCR not being performed on a PDF file when added using the Scan Window
  2. Fixed: Error when adding a Document Template that has file name with more than 50 characters


Version – December 24 2009

  1. Fixed: Error while scanning and adding a PDF file from the New Document Window


Version – December 23 2009

  1. Fixed: Improved print quality when printing PDF files from Globodox
  2. Fixed: Issue when importing documents, using the Import Wizard
  3. Fixed: Bug when converting to multi-user, a DB which is stored in a mapped drive
  4. Fixed: Error when assigning a role to a user
  5. Fixed: Annotations for document Versions are now visible in the viewer


Version – October 07 2009

  1. Fixed: Error when changing the Maximum length of a Small text field and then entering a value for that field.
  2. Fixed: Incorrect handling of certain date formats during Import.
  3. Fixed: Error when installing the Globodox databases on a drive, other than the C: drive.
  4. Fixed: Error when a MS Office file is being displayed and the user logs out or opens another DB.
  5. Fixed: Occasional error when logging out


Version – September 07 2009

  1. Fixed: Globodox now loads much faster.
  2. Fixed: Error when scanning and adding a file to an existing document.
  3. Fixed: The maximum length of the field used to get set to 0 for a text field (occasionally).
  4. Fixed: Text was not being automatically extracted when document was scanned using the New window.


Version – August 25 2009

  1. Fixed: Crash on Chinese Version of Windows.
  2. Fixed: Occasional error when adding folders from disk.
  3. Fixed: Error when saving a new Zone Map in a new DB.
  4. Fixed: Occasional error when burning annotation on a document.
  5. Fixed: Incorrect behaviour when changing the File Store path for a DB.


Version – August 10 2009

  1. Fixed: The value set for the Inactivity Timeout option was incorrectly being applied to password length.


Version – August 07 2009

  1. Fixed: Error when adding and scanning documents via the New Document window.
  2. Fixed: Occasional Error when adding a document to a Document Type.
  3. Fixed: Page Up and Page Down keys can now be used to navigate between documents in Stack.
  4. Fixed: Occasional Error when editing a PDF File
  5. Fixed: Deactivated Security label were not displayed in the list.
  6. Fixed: Enabling Auto-Preview turn off option, turns off the preview of documents


Version – July 06 2009

  1. Fixed: Values in Lookup field are now sorted.
  2. Fixed: Automatically Extract/OCR documents on check-in.
  3. Fixed: Problem when changing the color of text in the Note annotation.
  4. Fixed: Error when sorting Display name in the Inbox (Tasks) node.
  5. Fixed: OCR documents option shown in MS SQL and MySQL DBs


Version – June 16 2009

  1. Fixed: Two or more scanned documents can now be merged as a single document.


Version – June 08 2009

  1. Fixed: Columns of a MySQL DB could not be sorted.
  2. Fixed: Error when re-setting the Primary group of a user.
  3. Fixed: Error when you specify 1 in the Pages box of the Print dialog and click the Print button.
  4. Fixed: Error when scanning.


Version – June 05 2009

  1. Fixed: Problem when inserting a multi-page document to an existing PDF file
  2. Fixed: Error displayed when the Edit button is clicked and the Image Editor window is closed.
  3. Fixed: Error displayed on clicking the Edit button of the Scan window (only occurs from the New Document window).


Version – June 01 2009

  1. Fixed:When a Primary field is changed of an upgraded DB, the Quick Search still searches in the old primary field.
  2. Fixed: When PDF Reader (e.g. Adobe Reader) is not installed on your machine, an error message will be displayed when you click the icon to show the document in its associated application.


Version – May 29 2009

  1. Fixed: Error when configuring a DB for multi-user.
  2. Fixed: Error when setting a Security Label for a Stack.
  3. Fixed: Error when viewing thumbnails for documents related to a Stack.


Version – May 27 2009

  1. Fixed: When documents are dragged and dropped in Globodox and the delete document from original location option is selected, it throws an error. message, if Encrypt Documents on check-in option is enabled.
  2. Fixed: When you burn annotations on a PDF file which is not created using Globodox, the changes are not reflected on saving the document.
  3. Fixed: Globodox crashes on closing the Scan window, when a document has not been scanned.
  4. Fixed: Error on saving a Workflow, where the Main DB is MySQL based.
  5. Fixed: When a Version of a document is promoted, then the thumbnail of that document is not refreshed (changed).
  6. Fixed: Error when the Completed Tasks Node is selected and the New button is clicked.
  7. Fixed: When a Document Type is deleted, the PickList values for that Document Type are not deleted.
  8. Fixed: When an annotation is added on a document and if the document is opened in the Details window then the annotation will not be shown.
  9. Fixed: Error when inserting a page to an existing document via scanning.


Version – May 06 2009

  1. Fixed: Problem when using the Batch Scan window.
  2. Fixed: Error when selecting the Color Photograph scan profile.
  3. Fixed: Error when printing or exporting a list of messages in the Workflow node.
  4. Fixed: When a document is shared from the Document Type, the user with whom the document is shared with is not displayed.
  5. Fixed: Error on double clicking the Save on the create new user window.
  6. Fixed: Prompt for deleting files from original location after adding files via the ‘New’ button


Version – May 05 2009

  1. Fixed: When a Primary Field is deleted and another field is set as the Primary field then an error is displayed on Save.
  2. Fixed: Error when searching the Comments field in a MS SQL and My SQL DB.
  3. Fixed: Error when deleting a Auto generate field in MS SQL 2000 Server.
  4. Fixed: Error when searching for Tags in a Document Type.
  5. Fixed: When a document is deleted it Versions do not get deleted.


Version – April 27 2009

  1. Fixed: When the Scan Window is maximized, then the ‘Documents are Separated by’ option gets hidden.
  2. Fixed: Error when you replace a PDF document and click on the Pages tab.
  3. Fixed: When you replace a document from disk, the thumbnail still shows the old one.
  4. Fixed: Error when ‘multi-user.gdx’ exists and you run Globodox for the first time. It still prompts for the file.
  5. Fixed: Error when a document is related to Stack and you click on ‘Small Thumbnails’ in the Stack Details pane.
  6. Fixed: Error when a particular Stack type node is selected in the Main window(which has Stacks) and you edit the Stack Type by adding fields and then click on save.
  7. Fixed: Searching for a Typed Document in the Look up Window, did not throw any result though the document existed.


Version – April 23 2009

  1. Fixed: Error while checking in documents when document Versioning is disabled.
  2. Fixed: Error while encrypting documents when document Versioning is disabled.
  3. Fixed: Error while replacing documents from disk when document Versioning is disabled.
  4. Fixed: Error while editing documents when document Versioning is disabled.


Version – April 21 2009

  1. Fixed: Globodox crashes while loading large PDF files
  2. Fixed: Certain PDF files are not displayed properly.


Version – April 01 2009

  1. Fixed: Tiff files being distorted when displayed in the Details pane.
  2. Fixed: Focus is now set to the Text box of the Jump to… dialog.
  3. Fixed: Primary group of the user can now be viewed.
  4. Fixed: Session expired error of MS SQL Server based Globodox DB.


Version – March 27 2009

  1. Fixed: Problem while Batch Scanning.
  2. Fixed: Error fixed when starting Globodox with a different Unicode settings.
  3. Fixed: Error when modifying the DB details and clicking on Save button.


Version – March 24 2009

  1. Fixed: When you share a DB List with a user, the users do not appear in the list.
  2. Fixed: Error when launching the Connection Manager.
  3. Fixed: Error when a Globodox DB (except Main DB) is shared with a user.


Version – March 19 2009

  1. Fixed: Performance Improved.
  2. Fixed: Error when converting a DB.


Version – March 12 2009

Minor bug fixes


Version – February 20 2009

  1. Fixed: Incorrect value imported for a column mapped to a picklist field, when the column contained empty value.


Version – February 09 2009

  1. Fixed: Error while clicking on Add and close button in the Scan window.
  2. Fixed: Occasional error while creating Live Discs.
  3. Fixed: Error while logging in to Workflow Designer or Workflow Monitor.
  4. Fixed: Error while routing a document.


Version – January 28 2009

  1. Fixed: Description of Data Fields are now remembered.
  2. Fixed: Issue when a required field was left blank.
  3. Fixed: A prompt for the location of Main DB in the Client setup


Version – January 12 2009

  1. Fixed: Occasional crash in Windows Vista on selecting a scanner.


Version – January 09 2009

  1. Fixed: Issue while saving a message in the Inbox (Messages) node.
  2. Fixed: A problem while saving a Scan Profile as multi-page.
  3. Fixed: Issue while reinstalling the program
  4. Fixed: Login issue due to no license available.


Version – December 18 2008

  1. Fixed: Missing file type icon column
  2. Fixed: Error while inserting pages to an existing PDF document
  3. Fixed: Error while viewing Tasks and Messages
  4. Fixed: The Reader role had full permission on Stack Types.


Version – December 03 2008

  1. Fixed: Export wizard not accepting a folder path that contains a bracket
  2. Fixed: Saved search not being executed when the date criteria is left empty.
  3. Fixed: Problem with distribute permission fixed.
  4. Fixed: Error while exporting a list of documents using the Export List Wizard.
  5. Fixed: Error while creating DB’s if multiple DB’s are created one after the other.
  6. Fixed: Incorrect error message being displayed while saving indexing data for a document type containing a field which cannot be left blank.
  7. Fixed: Error on log out when a Document Details window is open.
  8. Fixed: Error while printing a PDF file.
  9. Fixed: Error when viewing a list of documents of a document type, after a field from that document type is deleted.
  10. Fixed: Irrelevant fields being shown for document types


Version – November 13 2008

  1. Fixed: Confirmation message is now displayed when you hit the Delete button (on the keyboard) to delete a field.
  2. Fixed: Document not getting added when using Scan from the New Document window.
  3. Fixed: Occasional error when navigating undocked windows.
  4. Fixed: Modified document type name not being displayed in the Information panel (Document details window) unless the application is restarted.
  5. Fixed: Document Type, Stack type and Tag nodes are now sorted in the ascending order.


Version – November 11 2008

  1. Fixed: Incorrect file extension displayed when registering Globodox.
  2. Fixed: Globodox folders are now sorted in the ascending order.
  3. Fixed: Error on loading a document and stack containing an empty PickList field.


Version – November 6 2008

  1. Fixed: Deactivated users appearing in the Assign window.
  2. Fixed: Error on viewing PDF documents which contained JBIG images.
  3. Fixed: Occasional problem with the User Name box being disabled in the User window


Version – October 22 2008

  1. Fixed: Problem with deleting existing Stacks


Globodox Version – October 20 2008

  1. doQuments Enterprise Edition is renamed to Globodox


Version 4.6.16 – April 14 2008

  1. Fixed a problem with the storage folder path not being saved correctly in a MySQL based DB


Version 4.6.14 – April 8 2008

  1. Fixed: Saving a record occasionally took a long time


Version 4.6.12 – November 26 2007

  1. Fixed: A problem with creating saved queries in a MS SQL Server based doQuments DB after it is converted from an existing MS Access based doQuments DB.


Version 4.6.6 – August 13 2007

  1. Fixed: Occasional error in the Enterprise edition while importing a document package with full-text search enabled.
  2. Fixed: A problem with the creation of the doQuments DB’s system folder moving it to another location.
  3. Fixed: A problem with creation of MySQL based doQuments DB for MySQL Version 5.0 and above.
  4. Fixed: An occasional problem with the F9 key for Quick Preview.
  5. Fixed: “Set permission…” button on the Field Permission dialog did not work when the dialog is opened from the pop-up menu on the Data Fields dialog.


Version 4.6 – June 05 2007

  1. Fixed: Same date and time being logged for all events when the doQuments Security DB is MySQL based.
  2. Fixed: Occasional problem with the Batch Scan Wizard creating multiple sub-folders in the default Storage folder.


Version 4.4 – May 04 2007

  1. Fixed: A problem while saving simple queries.
  2. Fixed: A problem with restoring a doQuments backup to a MySQL based DB.
  3. Fixed: A problem with the numeric field in MySQL(v5.0 and higher) based doQuments DBs


Version 4.3.3 – January 04 2007

  1. Fixed: Occasional error while opening a MySQL based doQuments DB.
  2. Fixed: A problem while extracting and indexing text from a file containing null characters.


Version 4.3.1 – December 15 2006

  1. Fixed: A problem while exporting to a password protected doQuments DB
  2. Fixed: Occasionally moving to a different record after saving a record.
  3. Fixed: Occasional error while adding a password protected doQuments DB to the doQuments DB List
  4. Fixed: A problem with using dynamic document templates with a multi-select field.
  5. Fixed: An error while saving a MS Access based doQuments DB as MS SQL Server based or MySQL based doQuments DB.


Version 4.2.24 – October 31 2006

  1. Fixed: Error while creating a backup if the segment size specified is greater than 2GB.
  2. Fixed: Error while starting doQuments on machines with certain regional settings.


Version 4.2.23 – October 20 2006

  1. Fixed: Full access license used for a view-only login.
  2. Fixed: Scan Document window not saving certain modifications to scanned images.
  3. Fixed: Occasional error while saving a document query in the Find Documents dialog.
  4. Fixed: Error after deleting all the files in the Temp Folder Manager
  5. Fixed: Problem while renaming a query.


Version 4.2.16 – August 30 2006

  1. Fixed: Occasional error with upgrading the doQuments DB to the latest Version.
  2. Fixed: Problems with scanning and adding a page to an existing PDF file which is encrypted.
  3. Fixed: Storage Folder and System Folder location problem in the New doQuments DB wizard.
  4. Fixed: Problem in displaying the correct number of pages of an existing encrypted document in the Scan Panel and the Scan Window.
  5. Fixed: Problem while printing documents.


Version 4.2.2 – July 19 2006

  1. Fixed: Problem with setting the default doQuments DB to be opened when doQuments starts.
  2. Fixed: Occasional error in copy/paste of records..
  3. Fixed: Occasional error while creating a Document Package.
  4. Fixed: Occasional error while creating a new MS SQL server based doQuments DB.
  5. Fixed: Problem with Replace text in dynamic document templates.
  6. Fixed: Error while zipping encrypted documents using Zip Documents dialog.
  7. Fixed: Error, in Tiff File Editor, while moving a file to the last position in the thumbnail view.
  8. Fixed: Problem with using the scan and add a new page to existing document feature with PDF files in the Scan Panel/Scan Window


Version 4.1.10 – April 12 2006

  1. Fixed: Occasional error while previewing a PDF file in the Storage Folder Manager or in the Find Documents – Results window.
  2. Fixed: Error while saving a record in a doQuments DB with a large number of Data Fields.
  3. Fixed: Occasional error while opening the Storage Folder Manager.
  4. Fixed: Occasional error while creating a new MS SQL server based doQuments DB.
  5. Fixed: Occasional error while opening doQuments after upgrading it to the latest Version.
  6. Fixed: Problem with print preview and printing records for certain printers.


Version 4.1.2 – February 23 2006

  1. Fixed: Occasional error while creating a backup of a doQuments DB.
  2. Fixed: Incorrect error message while trying to open a doQuments DB protected using the system default password.
  3. Fixed: Incorrect error message when using the Quick Print feature.
  4. Fixed: Occasional error when trying to locate a record from the View Data window.


Version 4.1 – February 20 2006

  1. Fixed: Incorrect file times for file located on NAS drives.
  2. Fixed: Error while creating a doQuments DB MS SQL Server 2000.
  3. Fixed: Error while enabling Audit Events in the doQuments DB Settings dialog.
  4. Fixed: Incorrect error message when using the Quick Print feature.


Version 4.0 – December 28 2005

  1. Fixed: Error while encrypting or decrypting files on machines with DBCS operating system.
  2. Fixed: Sub-folders inside a Storage folder not being created after the specified limit when scanning documents using the Scan Panel
  3. Fixed: Scan Window not remembering previous scan settings.
  4. Fixed: Error while opening encrypted documents in their associated applications while the same document is being displayed in the Document Preview Panel.


Version 3.6 – July 13 2005

  1. Fixed: Error while indexing PDF containing no text.
  2. Fixed: Incorrectly creating Versions of a document when scan fails or is canceled by the user when adding a new page to an existing multi-page document.


Version 3.5.17 – May 09 2005

  1. Fixed: Error while selecting a read-only folder as a storage folder.
  2. Fixed: Occasional error “Key not unique in collection” on startup.
  3. Fixed: Not opening of doQuments DB specified to be opened on startup in the Options dialog.
  4. Fixed: Differences in the date, time and number format while importing document package.


Version 3.5.11 – April 05 2005

  1. Fixed: Typo in the About box.


Version 3.5 – March 21 2005

  1. Fixed: NetTOD error on Windows 98
  2. Fixed: Incorrectly skipping records which had no documents while exporting to a document package.
  3. Fixed: Extra record imported at the end.
  4. Fixed: Extra empty line at the end of exported file.
  5. Fixed: Occasional problem when printing documents.
  6. Fixed: Incorrect filtering in the Event Log Viewer.
  7. Fixed: Type mismatch error when opening and closing a doQuments DB.


Version 3.2.101 – May 31 2004

  1. Fixed: Incorrect options selected when a saved batch scan profile is applied.
  2. Fixed: Error while filtering the Event log in certain European language Versions of Windows.
  3. Fixed: Occasional problem when saving documents using the Batch Scan Wizard.


Version 3.2 – May 26 2004

Minor bug fixes.


Version 3.0.115 – April 07 2004

  1. Fixed: Occasional problems while adding document templates.
  2. Fixed: Error while displaying the progress when decrypting a document.
  3. Fixed: Error while saving a MS Access based doQuments DB as a MS SQL Server based doQuments DB.


Version 3.0.108 – March 04 2004

Minor bug fixes.


Version 2.0.172 – February 05 2004

  1. Fixed: Error while auto-creation of fields during the import data process.


Version 2.0.163 – January 22 2004

  1. Fixed: Occasional problem while querying using date fields.


Version 2.0.158 – November 10 2003

  1. The scanning problems with doQuments which surfaced when doQuments was installed on a machine on which HP Memories Disc creator was installed have now been fixed.


Version 2.0.152 – October 23 2003

  1. Fixed: Problem with record locking.
  2. Scanning using an ADF scanner with the Use ADF option unchecked will now stop scanning after scanning one page.


Version 2.0.151 – September 01 2003

  1. Fixed: Incorrect active page in the Data Fields Details dialog.


Version 2.0.150 – August 28 2003

  1. Fixed: Error while saving the file type settings from the file type settings dialog.
  2. Fixed: List of documents not displayed in the Storage Folder Manager when the Show/Hide button is clicked to show the list of documents.


Version 2.0.148 – July 07 2003

  1. Field names with single quote ” ‘ ” character now allowed.


Version 2.0.147 – June 30 2003

  1. Fixed: Problem displaying list of queries if it contained a query with name which started with a number.
  2. Fixed: Problem changing password when the earlier password was an empty string.


Version 2.0 – May 16 2003

Minor bug fixes


Version 1.75 – June 11 2002

  1. Fixed: Error while opening doQuments DB in certain European language Versions of Windows


Version 1.73 – May 20 2002

  1. Fixed: Occasional error while closing the Data Preview window of the Print dialog.


Version 1.72 – May 10 2002

  1. Fixed: Occasional display of error message during installation on Windows XP.


Version 1.71 – April 15 2002

  1. Fixed: Occasional problem while saving data list values for Small Text field.
  2. Fixed: Problem displaying list of values.
  3. Fixed: Occasional problem while closing the Tutorial window while running on Windows 2000.
  4. Fixed: Occasional problem while opening the Web Page dialog.


Version 1.67 – February 11 2002

  1. Fixed: Occasional MAPI error while mailing documents using Lotus Notes.


Version 1.65 – January 09 2002

  1. Fixed: Occasional problem when exporting data
  2. Fixed: Some problems with generation of file names for scanned and pasted images.


Version 1.52 – October 25, 2001

  1. Fixed: Occasional problem with printing scanned documents.


Version 1.51 – August 23 2001



Version 1.42 – August 5 2001



Version 1.41 – July 28, 2001

  1. Fixed: “Type mismatch” error while launching doQuments on some machines
  2. Fixed: Access violation while opening the View Data window on some machines


Version 1.40 – July 19, 2001

  1. Fixed: Could not add field error in European language Versions of Windows
  2. Fixed: Error while saving date values in European language Versions of Windows.
  3. Fixed: Problem with Min/Max setting for Small Text fields.
  4. Fixed: Display of deleted files in the MRU list
  5. Fixed: Occasional synchronization problem when jumping to a record from the Data View.
  6. Fixed: Distortion of images in the thumbnail view.
  7. Fixed: Occasional problem while saving 1-bit scanned images