Bug Fixes In Globodox

Version - 17 Mar 2017

  1. Improved: Better handling of slow running queries in the Web Client
    The Web Client now is less likely to timeout when waiting for long queries to be finished.
  2. Improved: Enhanced logging for multiple components of the application
    Logging has been enhanced for multiple components of the application.

Version - 17 Feb 2017

  1. Fixed: When a document is shared to multiple users in the Web client, it gets shared only to the last user in the list.
  2. Fixed: Command Line option /reconfiguremssqlmaindb not working
  3. Fixed: Cannot copy extracted text for a document printed using the Virtual Printer
  4. Fixed: Better logging for text extraction related issues

Version - 17 Oct 2016

  1. Fixed: Error when displaying MSG files with certain Unicode characters
  2. Fixed: Occasional virtual printing error when printing file with same name multiple times
  3. Fixed: Occasional error when displaying EML files with attachments
    The error only occurred when displaying an EML file which contained an attachment with an invalid file name.

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