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Telecom Company Increases
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Globodox helps telecom giant Hutch gain total control over its documents and comply with regulatory requirements


Hutch is a leading mobile telecommunications provider in Sri Lanka. A subsidiary of Hutchinson Whampoa, Hong Kong, they are known for being one of Sri Lanka’s largest 3G networks, with coverage across the entire country.
The regulatory requirements of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) state that a cellular phone connection can be commissioned only after a comprehensive Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) is filled and attested by the individual purchasing the connection. Copies of sensitive documents like the Sri Lankan National Identity Card (NIC) have to be attached with the CAF and stored by the client even after the customer has stopped availing cellular services.

GLOBODOX makes our life easier with a central repository of customer documents that can be accessed by our employees on a need-to-know basis. Audits by regulatory bodies are simpler to deal with as we can provide them the CAF information they want immediately.

Business objectives

Regulatory : With 4000 to 5000 daily cellular activations, Hutch wanted to comply with the TRCSL mandate efficiently and also be able to produce CAFs and supporting documents quickly during the time of regulatory audits. For this, they wanted to use a software application that would support them to manage soft copies of this enormous chunk of documentation.
Customer service : When customers contact the agent via different channels (Call center Hotline/ Branches) call for support, Hutch wanted call centre executives agents to get access to the customer information in the CAF quickly so that the customer would have a better support experience.
Legal service : To fulfill various ad hoc requirements by government authorities, Hutch legal team facilitated with accessing required documents accurately and efficiently. This has empowered the team to handle more cases and resolved the issue on filing cabinet space.
Security and Privacy : The CAF and supporting documents like the NIC copies contain sensitive personally identifiable information. While managing all documentation soft copies, Hutch needed to protect the information within the documents so that the privacy of its customers would not be compromised.
Financial : Hutch was looking at a cost effective solution to invest in, which would help them achieve their business objectives with a sound ROI, easy implement-ability and a great user experience.


Enormous Volume of Data : Hutch needed a software solution that would be able to store massive amounts of soft copies of CAFs and supporting documents, with 4000 to 5000 daily cellular activations.
Quick Access : Storage of document soft copies was not enough, the software solution would also need to tag and index all documents for easy retrieval during audits, to comply with legal orders or for specific customer requests.
Migration : Hutch was already using a custom built application to manage their documents, but it was unable to keep up with the growing document volumes. A seamless migration from the existing application to the new solution was needed.
Change Management : Business users within Hutch would need to be able to use the software solution without any hitch in order for the storage and management of all CAFs to be successful. A clear program was required that would take into consideration user inputs during implementation and an effective training program.

The GLOBODOX solution

With GLOBODOX, Hutch can easily store and manage millions and millions of documents with fast indexing and search. This satisfies their primary requirement of effective regulatory compliance. As per Hutch’s process, all document hard copies that are scanned and indexed by a third party are seamlessly imported into GLOBODOX for quick access by the call centre staff.
Amila Gunasekara, Hutch Deputy Manager IT, sums up these benefits in his testimonial, “GLOBODOX has enabled us to streamline our document management process in a much more efficient manner improving customer service standards and empowering our legal team with ad hoc legal documents requirements by various government authorities.”
Further, GLOBODOX’s security features enable document confidentiality by configuring access based on job role on a need-to-know basis.
Migration from the old system was made easy with the GLOBODOX architecture as well as the highly qualified implementation team. In fact, when GLOBODOX underwent a major redesign, ITAZ provided hands-on support to handle the upgrade as well as migration. The complex migration involving millions of documents was completed without any hiccups.

Outcome and benefits

Hutch, Sri Lanka, has been using GLOBODOX since 2008 now, managing millions of documents in its database.
During this time, they have not had any regulatory or legal findings against the storage and access of CAFs and supporting documents.
The ease of use of GLOBODOX’s interface and features has enabled a short learning curve for new users within the Hutch team. Powerful import features in GLOBODOX have also enabled document scanning and indexing functions to be outsourced. Using this, Hutch has easily been able to upload thousands of scanned documents and their metadata from an external system into GLOBODOX.
GLOBODOX is currently supporting a team of over 50 call center executives for quick retrieval of customer documents during support activities.
Amila iterates this overall convenience of using GLOBODOX by noting that “GLOBODOX has enabled us to manage our huge volumes of documents in a secure way. This has allowed us to improve our customer service by eliminating time consuming activities like sorting of papers or looking for customer documents.”
Thanks to its success, Hutch is now looking at implementing GLOBODOX in other departments like HR & Finance.


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