Document Management Software Features

Our Features

Easy to use

Familiar user interface

Familiar user interface

Navigate the MS Outlook-like interface with ease and use the self-explanatory features without any confusion.
Built-in viewer for popular file formats

Built-in viewer for popular file formats

View .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, and many other file formats using the in-built viewer.

Add files and folders


Add multiple documents and folders

Add documents in bulk or an entire folder with a single click.

Drag & Drop almost anything

Drag and drop documents, folders, emails, attachments, text, and images.

Scan paper documents

Scan and add multiple single-page or multi-page documents using your scanner.

Print to PDF

Print pages from any Windows application using GLOBODOX’s virtual printer and add as a PDF.

Send to

Add files to GLOBODOX with the ‘Send to’ option from the right-click menu in Windows Explorer.

Watch folders

Import documents automatically to GLOBODOX by allowing it to watch folders where you add documents.

Import indexing data

Import indexing data using simple .CSV text files.

Import using Command line utility

Use GLOBODOX’s PowerShell-based command line utility to import files.

Import using SDKs

Add documents using GLOBODOX’s .Net and JavaScript software development kits.

Import using REST API

Import documents using GLOBODOX’s simple REST API.

Capture email

Capture email messages and import to GLOBODOX as .pdf documents.

GLOBODOX Virtual drive

Add files to GLOBODOX using its virtual drive link in Windows Explorer.

Organize files


Tags and Folders

Arrange documents in folders and sub-folders, and add text tags to find files easily.

Document types

Define document types like invoices, agreements, etc. each with their own specific indexing data.


Group documents into Stacks, with each stack having its own unique indexing information.

Built-in OCR

Automate the indexing of scanned paper documents with built-in OCR for easy organization and searchability.

Merge documents

Merge multiple documents together and use indexing information from either one.

Link documents and stacks

Link different documents and stacks to jump between related documents with a single click.

Reusable indexing information

Save indexing data as templates to reuse it while organizing new files.

Zone maps

Define zone maps on documents to parse indexing information from paper documents while scanning.

Document Search


Search-centric design

Find anything easily on GLOBODOX, thanks to its search-centric interface.

Multi-condition search

Apply multiple search conditions to narrow your search down to the smallest specifics.

Saved searches

Save the search criteria for documents that are frequently searched for or accessed.

Parameterized search

Create saved searches that prompt users for some criteria when they are run.

Search in documents

See where a search term occurs within a document.

Search for Folders & Tags

Search for folders and tags in a blazingly fast way.

Multi-language search support

Find documents by entering search queries in any language.

Virtual drive

Access your files saved in GLOBODOX easily through the virtual drive that appears in Windows Explorer.

Document security system


Windows active directory integration

Import list of Windows users using Windows Active Directory for reuse with GLOBODOX.

Definable security roles

Define security roles for employees based on their designation to control their access levels.

Multi-layered access

Limit users’ ability to view and share documents based on their individual roles.

Reusable security labels

Set security on a per-document or per-folder basis using reusable custom security templates.

Hierarchical security groups

Create hierarchical security groups to determine which group of users accesses what documents.

Secure printing, saving, and emailing

Limit users’ ability to print, save, and email selected documents based on their roles.
Industry-standard encryption

Industry-standard encryption

Encrypt files with powerful security algorithms like AES, Blowfish, and Triple-DES.
Event logging

Event logging

View and export event logs to know when documents are modified and by whom.
Backup your files

Backup your files

Backup files and databases saved in GLOBODOX to prevent the loss of important documents.

Share documents

One-click email and print

One-click email and print

Share multiple documents as email attachments or print them with a single click.
Customer portal

Customer portal

Setup a website for your customers to view their documents stored in GLOBODOX.
Export files

Export files

Export files along with their indexing information.
Export folders

Export folders

Export entire folders from GLOBODOX to any location on your hard drive.

Export Document list

Export document database along with indexing information as .xls, .csv, or .xml file.


Select any document and fax it via your fax printer.

Document version control



Retain older versions of your documents while updating them. Track changes using version notes.
Minor versions

Minor versions

Save documents under editing and review as minor versions before publishing the finalized major versions.


Check-out documents being edited to prevent co-authors from making modifications. Check-in again to allow edits.

Workflow automation

Design custom workflows

Design custom workflows

Create custom workflows to replicate your day-to-day business processes using the Workflow Designer.
One-click routing

One-click routing

Route documents for signing and approval using Workflows with a single click.
Approve or reject via email

Approve or reject via email

Respond to tasks on the go by replying with ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ to workflow notification emails.
Workflow notifications

Workflow notifications

Receive notifications for pending actions as an email or through GLOBODOX’s inbuilt inbox.
Change metadata value

Change metadata value

Automatically change document metadata based on approval status or status of other associated workflow tasks.
Auto-stamp and publish

Auto-stamp and publish

Automate workflow tasks such as adding signatures, stamps, and publishing signed documents.
Reassign tasks

Reassign tasks

If a user is unavailable, reassign their tasks to another user.
Monitor workflows

Monitor workflows

Monitor the status of workflows. Pause, resume, and cancel workflows as and when you need.

Document retention policies

Document Archival

Document Archival

Set a date for document(s) on which you want the documents to be automatically archived.

Archive DB

Automatically move the archived documents to an Archive DB which is a replica of the live DB.
Document Disposal

Document Disposal

Set an expiry date on which you want a document to be deleted.
Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin

Deleted documents can be moved to a Recycle Bin for a period of time before they are automatically deleted.

Add annotations



Highlight text in your documents to call attention to important information.


Add multiple bookmarks at different points in documents for easy navigation and reference.


Redact or hide specific parts of text from specific users to ensure confidentiality.


Scan and save your signature to use it on documents for approval and authentication.


Create custom stamps for your organization and use them on documents for authentication purposes.
Draw shapes

Draw shapes

Draw basic shapes using the draw tool to mark out key sections in documents.


Place a watermark on any scanned document to indicate confidentiality and prevent information leakage.
Form Typer

Form Typer

Fill scanned copies of printed forms by simply typing.

System integrations

Integrate with command line utility

Integrate with command line utility

Perform document management tasks with the Powershell-based command utility using batch files and applications.
Use SDKs to integrate with other applications

Use SDKs to integrate with other applications

Integrate GLOBODOX with your .Net and JavaScript applications using dedicated SDKs.
Integrate using REST API

Integrate using REST API

Integrate document management functions of GLOBODOX with your business applications through the REST API.

Access from your mobile

Navigate with ease

Navigate with ease

Navigate GLOBODOX’s user-friendly interface with ease from any mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android)

Search, view and download documents from anywhere

Search, view, and download files with one click using your mobile or tablet device.
Scan and Add documents using phone camera

Scan and Add documents using phone camera

Use your phone camera to capture documents and upload it to GLOBODOX using the app.
Share documents using your mobile device

Share documents using your mobile device

Share documents with your customers by sending them the document link via iMessage, Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, etc.

Ensure compliance



Make compliance with HiPAA easier with GLOBODOX’s security, encryption, and audit trail features. Learn more


Protect and retain financial records for prescribed periods to help comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act. Learn more


Store customer data on GLOBODOX, which provides industry-standard security features that align with GDPR guidelines. Learn more



Review document activity for any period.

Built-in Reports

Downloadable reports to help you plan for future activities

Saved Query

Save frequently used queries for later reuse.

Export to Excel

Export reports directly to Microsoft Excel with a single click

Workflow Reports

Workflow reports display status of ongoing workflows.

Audit Reports

Audit reports showcases document activity like who created, edited, deleted etc.


Field Notification

Get email notification when a specified field meets a criteria.

Workflow Notification

Get email notifications about document tasks and messages assigned to you.

Document Shared Notification

Get notification when a document is shared with you.

Task Assigned Notification

Get notification a task is assigned or reassigned to you.

Do much more


Quick Multi-user setup

Setup GLOBODOX for multi-user operation in a few easy, guided steps.

MS SQL and MySQL Support

GLOBODOX supports MS SQL Server and MySQL databases for data storage.

Retain control over document storage

You have full control over your documents as they are not stored inside a database or in a proprietary format.

Edit using associated applications

Open and edit documents using associated applications, such as MS Word, Excel, etc.

Rearrange PDF pages or delete pages

Edit PDF documents by rearranging and deleting pages using GLOBODOX.

Destination profiles

Create reusable destination profiles to automatically index and organize newly added documents.


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