Globodox Document Management Software Features

Simple User Interface

The Globodox User Interface is designed to be very friendly, and easy to use. This means there are no surprises, or an extensive learning curve before you start using it. The search-centric design and customization options make it a great tool to get your document management in order instantly.

  • An easy to use, user interface similar to the familiar MS Outlook user interface. Designed to increase user efficiency for searching and managing documents.
  • Makes sure that users get to their documents in the fastest possible way.
  • In addition to its Desktop, Web and Mobile apps, Globodox integrates with Windows Explorer to give you yet another way to access documents stored in Globodox. Appearing like any other drive on your computer means tasks like attaching documents to email messages you are sending become super simple!” Read more….
  • Store frequently used indexing data as Templates. Store re-usable settings for Scan, export etc. as Profiles.
  • Built in OCR autmatically indexes scanned documents, making them searchable instantly.
  • The Globodox Web Client supports mobiles devices such as smart phones and tablets (iPhones, iPads, Android Tablets etc.). If your Globodox web client installation is accessible over the Internet you can now access your documents from the road using almost any mobile device.
  • Configure setup for mulitple users in a few easy guided steps.
  • Globodox allows the network administrator to import users defined in Windows so that users do not require separate login information to access Globodox. No need to create new user names and passwords just for Globodox! This is available as an optional module for Globodox Standard and is included in Globodox Suite
  • Do not have MS Office on your machine? No problem. Globodox’s built-in MS Word and MS Excel viewer allows you to view .doc, .docx, .xls and .xlsx files. Globodox also allows you to view password protected MS Word (.docx) and MS Excel (.xlsx) files.

Easy Adding & Sharing

Globodox lets you create content and add files on the fly, and in multiple ways. This saves a lot of time. Globodox also has great collaboration features which let you instantly share important document with greater control.

  • Bulk add documents and folders with built-in tools which make adding multiple documents and folders just as easy as adding single ones.
  • Simply drag and drop documents as well as folders into Globodox. When you drag folders they retain the same structure inside Globodox.Drag and drop e-mail messages from MS Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail. You can also drag and drop attachments from these mail clients. Drag & drop text from documents and webpages.Drag & drop an image from any web page and it gets added to Globodox.
  • Powerful scanning interface lets you quickly scan and add multiple single page or multi-page documents. Separate multi-page documents with blank pages or bar coded separator pages for better accuracy. ADF and Duplex scanners are supported and the Virtual Duplex feature enables duplex scanning on scanners which do not support duplex scanning!
  • The Globodox Printer allows you to print a document from any Windows application and automatically add the printed document as a searchable PDF file in Globodox. Need to store the receipt of an online purchase you just made? Simply print the receipt to the Globodox Printer and it is stored in Globodox and categorized for you right away! Read more
  • The new Send To feature in Globodox integrates with the Send To right-click menu option in Windows Explorer by adding Globodox option to it. Simply select one or more files in Windows Explorer or your Windows Desktop and choose this option to add the files to Globodox. Read more
  • Indexing data can be imported via CSV text files.
  • Email and print multiple documents with a single click.

Comprehensive Document Management

Globodox document management software is the complete solution for document management. It lets you manage your files and folders in the speediest way possible, and then lets you find them with minimum efforts because of it’s search centric design. It lets you sort the information in many ways, and gives you much more control on who can see what and who can change things around, something that is very important for teamwork and collaboration.

  • Folders behave very similar to Windows Explorer folders. Create Folders and Sub-Folders to quickly categorize your documents. Attach simple text tags to every document. Tagging is a quick way of indexing. Search or group documents based on their tags.
  • Document Types allows you to use a more structured approach to organize your documents. Using Document Types, you can store specific indexing information with each document (for e.g. store Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Invoice Amount with each stored Invoice and store Sender Name, Date with each stored Letter).
    The main advantage of this approach is that detailed information about each type of added document can be captured by creating very specific data fields. Doing this also increases the number of ways you can search for documents.
  • Documents can be arranged in a Stack. Stacks can have their own indexing information. So, you can search for documents by searching for it’s stack’s indexing info. Stacks multiple documents which share the same indexing information.
  • You can create multiple links between related documents and stacks. This way you can easily jump from one document to another document or stack. For example you can link an invoice to a check or a letter to it’s reply.
  • With the annotation feature you can draw, highlight, stamp, write comments, etc. directly over an image. Redact tool, lets you hide portions of a document from specific users. You can choose to burn the annotations on the image, so they become permanent part of the image.
    Use built-in stamps or create your stamps to mark document approval etc. Each user can also create a stamp of her signature.
  • Create and retain multiple versions of the same document. You can easily access the older version of a document at any time. You can add Version Notes to remember the changes made for the version.
  • Do documents in your organization or department go through multiple revisions and reviews? Then you can make the edits and save the document in the Draft Mode as a minor version, until it is ready to be published in its next version. E.g. save the document as versions 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc. until ready to be published as version 2.0.
    This is available as an optional module for Globodox Standard and is included in Globodox Suite
  • When you edit a document, you can checkout that document so that other users are prevented from modifying the same document, till the time you check-in the document. When a document is checked out, other users will still be able to view the document but they will not be able to modify the document.

Custom Workflow

At Globodox, we know that document management will work best when it fits in well with your business processes. This is why Globodox is designed to let you create document workflows which route documents to users based on the rules you specify. This is as customized as it can get.
This is available as an optional module for Globodox Standard and is included in Globodox Suite

  • Workflow is fully integrated with Globodox. You can route documents via Workflow with a single click.
  • Receive your tasks, messages and notifications from the workflow in the inbuilt Inbox or your regular e-mail client. Know immediately about the documents and tasks which need your urgent attention.
  • Design workflows that replicate your day-to-day business processes using the Workflow Designer.
  • Know the current state of all the workflows that are currently running. Pause, resume or cancel workflows from here.
  • You can add a stamp, a signature and even publish a document automatically in Globodox, as part of the workflow designed. This set of activities is particularly helpful for organizations where large teams are split into multiple workgroups.

Highly Secure

Globodox document management software was designed keeping in mind the highest level of security from various perspectives. It’s equipped with latest technology in encryption and access permissions. This provides you with an additional control over privileges and confidentiality.

  • Map security roles to existing designations/job profiles in your organization to decide the level of access each user has to the document repository. Multiple users can be assigned to a single role, also a user can be assigned to multiple roles.
  • Control what actions are allowed to a user in a specific role. For example you configure Globodox to allow a Manager to view all documents in her department but only delete documents that she owns.
  • For more fine grained control, create re-usable custom security templates which let you decide user access on a per documents or per folder basis.
  • This security feature ensures that users in a group can only access documents owned by their group and optionally documents of their sub groups.
  • You can disallow printing, saving to local machine, emailing by simply denying the Distribute permission for a document.
  • Encrypt your documents using industry standard strong encryption algorithms such AES, Blowfish and Triple-DES.
  • Log details about user actions with the Event Logging feature (who modified a document and when). Export logged events as XLS, CSV, HTML files etc.

Access Document On the Go

Globodox Mobile App is now available for Android and iOS based mobile devices. With a beautiful, simple and responsive user interface, the app makes navigation quick and easy. The app allows users to access, view, delete and download files.

  • You can now access your information on your mobile phone and tablet. Search, View, Download and Delete files at the click of a button.
  • When out of office, you can search for required documents on the move. Now you can be as connected outside the office as you are within.
  • You can secure your data by providing controlled access via log-on credentials defined in the Globodox repository and no data is stored on the device.
  • Navigate through your files and folders quickly and easily with a simple, beautiful and responsive user friendly interface.

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