Document version control

Document Version Control

GLOBODOX’s document version control feature retains an unlimited number of older versions of documents and track every change made from version to version. When you enable the versioning feature, every document you have by default becomes version 1.0. You can make changes to these documents and save the modified versions as 2.0, leaving the older version intact. Users can easily know what version of the document they are accessing. You can also add version comments to notify other users of the changes that have been made.

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Use this feature when you have to edit documents frequently and ensure that the users of these documents are aware of the changes made.

Minor versions

Publish documents as minor versions (i.e., 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc. as compared to 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, etc.), to show users that a specific document is being drafted or is under editing. Minor versions enable a group of authors modifying a document to keep track of changes being made by each individual contributor before the documents are published as a major version for wider audience

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For instance, when working on the next version of a policy document, the team assigned to this task can use this feature to securely track their changes.


Use GLOBODOX’s Check-in/Check-out feature to enable collaborative editing involving multiple users. Users tasked with editing documents can check out the documents to prevent other users from accessing them. Once the individual users are done with making changes to the documents, they can check in the documents to make them available to others to access and, if needed, edit.

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Let’s suppose you and your colleague Bill are assigned the job of modifying and updating your organization’s accounting policies and procedures manual, which your entire team refers to while dealing with financial matters on a regular basis. The manual is stored on GLOBODOX as version 1.0 and is visible to everyone in your organization. While making the edits, both you and Bill need to approve each other’s changes before publishing the next major version and making it available to everyone in the organization. You can check out the document and start making changes. While you check out the manual, Bill cannot make any changes, which might otherwise lead to confusion. Once you’re done making changes, you check the document back in. Then Bill works on the document by checking it out again. Every time either of you checks in the manual, you can save it as minor versions such as 1.1, 1.2, etc. and keep track of changes made at each stage. After as many minor versions as it takes to complete the modification, you can finally publish the manual as version 2.0, which will be available to everyone for reference.


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