Document Retention Policies

GLOBODOX’s document retention module enables a company to fulfil its legal obligation to retain documents for a specific time period by setting up document retention policies. It enables them to automatically archive the documents and delete them once the retention period is over.

Document Archival

Use GLOBODOX’s document archival feature to set a date on which a document must be archived On the specified date, the document will be marked as “Archived”. Once the document is archived the document or its indexing data cannot be modified.


For instance, you may have some contracts which you need to retain for legal purposes and do not want users to modify or delete; using GLOBODOX you can archive the contracts so that they can be retained forever, without the users modifying or deleting it.

Archive DB

You can move documents that are archived to an “Archive DB”. An Archive DB can be created for every Live DB and its structure is a replica of the Live DB. Any document or stack newly marked as “Archived” in the Live DB is moved to the Archive DB every few hours. Documents and indexing information in the archive DB cannot be modified.


You may process thousands of invoices a year. These invoices may not have much use in day to day business once they have been paid. But you need to retain them for compliance reasons. In this case archiving these invoices after a year and moving them to an Archive DB helps you stay compliant and yet reduce clutter in the Live DB. Archived documents cannot be modified or deleted.

Document Disposal

Use GLOBODOX’s document disposalfeatures to set an expiry date for a document.On this date the document will be marked as Expired. Youcan choose tohave the expired document automatically moved to the Recycle Bin or manuallysearch for documents which have expired and manually delete them.


For instance, you have to retain a sales invoice for a period of 3 years after which you may want to delete it, as it puts you at risk of a security breach and also adds up to the clutter. By using GLOBODOX you can set an expiry date to the sales invoice,so that it will be automatically deleted after 3 years.

Recycle Bin

When documents are deleted in GLOBODOX, they can bemoved to the Recycle Bin. The documents stay in the Recycle Bin for a period of time (which you can specify) before they are automatically deleted. The deleted documents in the Recycle Bincan be restored (i.e. Undeleted),before they are deleted permanently. Only authorized users can access the Recycle Bin.


For instance, if an employee deletes an important document by mistake you may want a way to get it back. In GLOBODOX when a document is deleted it can bemoved to the Recycle Bin, from where anauthorized user can restore the document before it is permanently deleted.


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