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Document Search centric design

The document search feature in GLOBODOX has been designed keeping in mind the need for users to find documents with ease. You can find any document stored on GLOBODOX without having to remember where you saved it, or what exact name you gave it.

globodox feature Search centric design icon inside

Use the Quick Search box to quickly locate the items you are looking for. The Quick Search searches in fields like the Document Title, File Name, and the Document Text. It takes a couple of seconds for the system to display the search results.

Multi-condition search

Find files using GLOBODOX’s multi-condition search feature where you can narrow down your search to the finest of details, selecting from multiple criteria to filter the document search results.

globodox feature Multi-condition search icon inside

For instance, let’s assume your accounting department generates thousands of invoices every month, for hundreds of different clients, which are then signed by any one of your 15 accountants. Under such conditions, finding specific invoices, say, all invoices below $1000 for a client LMN Inc. verified by an accountant named Joe Smith, from this giant pile of documents can be tough and time-consuming. To solve this issue, you can use GLOBODOX to add custom fields such as ‘Verified by’, ‘Amount’, and ‘Client’ to the Invoice document type. When you want to find the invoices as specified above, you can use GLOBODOX’s multi-condition search feature to search for invoice documents by entering the ’Amount’ as less than or equal to $1000, ‘Verified by’ as ‘Joe Smith’, and ‘Client’ as ‘LMN Inc.’ You will find all documents satisfying the criteria in an instant!

Saved searches

Save frequently used searches and reuse them to save time using GLOBODOX.

globodox feature Saved searches icon inside

For instance, let’s say you need to access all your unpaid bills so you can settle them on time every month. To this end, you have defined a document type named ‘Bill’ with an indexing field named ‘Status’ which can be set to ‘Paid’ or ‘Unpaid’. Now, you can save a search to find all documents of type ‘Bill’ and the status ‘Unpaid’, so you can reuse it every month and save time.

Parameterized search

A parameterized search is a saved search that prompts users to define certain search parameters every time it is applied, allowing users to reuse the same search query for multiple similar situations.

globodox feature Parameterized search icon inside

For instance, you can make the saved search, that finds invoices and bills above $500 for a specific period by saving the saved search as a parameterized search. The parameterized search will prompt users to specify the period (last month, last week, last year, last X days, etc.) for which they want to find the invoices and bills. Thus, without recreating the query every time you can find documents created in the last year or the last week, using the same saved search.

Search in documents

Search documents using specific words or phrases in them.

globodox feature Search in documents icon inside

For instance, you can find an email message saved on GLOBODOX without having to remember the file name, by simply searching for a specific phrase you remember reading in that particular message.

Search for Folders & Tags

Sometimes you can create so many Folders and Tags that it can become quite a task to find the folder or tag itself before you access the documents in that folder. This feature solves this problem by providing you with a blazingly fast way to look for folders and tags. Just press a few keys and you can find and jump to the folder or tag you want.

globodox feature Search for Folders Tags icon inside

For instance, if you have created a folder for each client, you can press CTRL+J to bring up the Folder and Tag search Dialog. Now just entering a few characters of the client name will bring up matching client name folders.

Multi-language search support

GLOBODOX recognizes and supports multiple languages, in addition to English, enabling you to find documents using search terms in any of the supported languages.

globodox feature Multi-language search support icon inside

For instance, if you have entered data in a language other than English, you will be able to search for the information by searching in that language.

Virtual Drive

Find files saved on GLOBODOX without having to open GLOBODOX, using the virtual drive feature. The virtual drive appears in Windows Explorer (This PC or My Computer) like any other drive. You can simply open it and find your files as you would in C: or other drives.

globodox feature Virtual drive icon inside

For instance, say you are sending an email via Gmail and wish to attach a document stored in GLOBODOX. You can click on Gmail’s attach button, go to the GLOBODOX Virtual Drive in the File Open Dialog and select the file you wish to attach. No need to open GLOBODOX!


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