System integration

System integration using command line utility

Perform document management tasks using GLOBODOX’s PowerShell-based command line utility and seamlessly integrate document management capability into your IT infrastructure. System administrators can create batch files to enable the non-technical members in an organization to perform document management tasks without having to open and use the GLOBODOX application.

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For example, system administrators can create a batch file, containing a sequence of commands, to add documents from a specific folder, such as invoices, to GLOBODOX. This batch file can help even the least tech-savvy employees to add files to GLOBODOX and index them in one click. The batch file can also be scheduled to run at a specific time via the Windows Task Scheduler. 

Use SDKs to integrate with other applications

You can program your own applications based on GLOBODOX SDKs to incorporate GLOBODOX’s powerful document management features into your applications. 

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For instance, you can integrate GLOBODOX into your proprietary HR management system to manage the database of documents associated with every employee in your organization, such as monthly payslips and employment contracts, in a secure manner. You can allow your employees to access their documents through your HRMS using their individual credentials. SDKs are currently available for .Net and Javascript.

System integration using REST API

Use GLOBODOX’s REST API to integrate its document management capability into applications you use in your organization using virtually any programing language and platform.

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You can also use GLOBODOX’s REST API to automatically add all invoices, receipts, and bills generated by your accounting software, along with their indexing information, directly to their assigned folders on GLOBODOX without having to spend manual effort and time on copy-pasting individual files into different folders.


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