Located under Workspace, Dashboard allows you to review document activity like no. & types of documents added to the system, documents checked in, average workflow time, etc for any period.

For instance, say you want to check how many invoices were added to the system in August 2021. Rather than sorting invoices by date & going back to the required date, you can simply go to Dashboard, click on documents added, select the period 1st August 2021 to 31st August 2021 and press enter to see how many invoices were added to GLOBODOX during that period.

Built-in Reports

Downloadable reports to help you plan for future activities.

GLOBODOX’s built-in reports feature doesn’t just display different types of reports, it also allows you to download them in various file formats like PDF & XLS. For instance, say you want to share the Documents Added in the last 30 days report with another team. You can simply download the report & email it to the respective users using GLOBODOX.

Saved Query

It displays a list of all your reusable queries.

To save time, you can create and save frequently used queries for later reuse. This is especially handy when the queries are complex, multi-condition queries.

Export to Excel

Allows you to export reports directly to Microsoft Excel with a single click.

For instance, say you have hundreds of rows worth of data that you need to simplify with detailed graphs. GLOBODOX’s export to excel feature directly transfers reports to Microsoft Excel with a single click for further analysis.

Workflow Reports

Workflow reports display no. of active workflows & status of pending workflows. Workflow reports also show logs of old workflows, both completed & uncompleted.

For instance, say you need to check why a particular workflow is getting delayed. The workflow report will tell you exactly at which step/user the workflow is stuck, and will allow you to make the decision to reassign, pause or cancel the workflow task. Or let’s say you want to check how much time it took to complete an old workflow. The workflow report provides logs with complete details of completed workflows including when it was initiated, the workflow design & date of completion.

Audit Reports

Audit reports showcase document activity. They tell you when a particular document was created, edited, shared, deleted or printed, and by whom.

For instance, say you want to check if a particular document was modified, shared or printed after your last edit. You can use the audit report in the Event Logs section to identify exactly when the document was last accessed, the action performed & name of the user that performed the action.


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