Document Security System

Windows active directory integration

Using GLOBODOX’s document security system, System administrators can easily import Windows users in their organizations as users in GLOBODOX, without having to create separate user IDs and passwords. This also enables people to be logged in to GLOBODOX as soon as they log in to Windows, without requiring them to remember different passwords.
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For instance, you can import hundreds of Windows users to GLOBODOX. The System Administrator can reset expired, forgotten, or compromised passwords via Active Directory. There is no need to log in to GLOBODOX to do this.

Definable security roles

Create security roles to assign a set of access privileges to individual users. You can reuse security roles by assigning them to multiple users to save effort and time. Define the roles based on designation and hierarchical position in the organization.
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For example, you can define a Role for all Managers in your organization and another role (with lesser privileges) for all Assistant Managers in your organization.

Multi-layered access

GLOBODOX’s document security system give users different levels of access rights to selectively control what documents they can and cannot access, and what they can and cannot do with the documents. You can give users full access (e.g., to administrators and owners), restricted access (e.g., to department heads), and access based on the relevance of a document to an employee function.
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For instance, you configure GLOBODOX to allow a Manager to view all documents in her department but only delete documents that she owns.

Reusable security labels

Assign security labels to documents to automatically share them with specific permissions with specific users. Create security labels by adding a list of users or groups you share documents with frequently, and assign these labels to documents to make the documents accessible to the users defined in the label.
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You can create a security label comprising of all the accounting team members of your organization and assign that security label to all your financial documents, so all your accounting personnel have access to those documents without you having to share them individually.

Hierarchical security groups

Create security groups and make documents accessible only to the relevant groups. The security groups can be departments, members at a certain hierarchical level, or any other group that would require shared access to specific documents.
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For example, you can make all the documents containing customer contact information on GLOBODOX accessible only to the customer service personnel by adding them to a “Customer Service” security group. This will keep the information secure from other employees and maximize privacy.

Secure printing, saving, and emailing

Allow users to or restrict them from performing specific actions like printing, and sharing documents via email. This helps in preventing unwanted leakage of sensitive information outside the organization, unintentionally or otherwise.
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For instance, you configure GLOBODOX to disallow all Interns from Printing, Saving and Emailing documents from GLOBODOX.

Industry-standard encryption

Keep your documents protected from theft and leakage with GLOBODOX’s industry-standard encryption algorithms, such as AES, Blowfish and Triple DES. Documents can be encrypted using key strengths ranging from 128 bits to 256 bits.
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For instance, even if an unauthorized person manages to access the documents, they would still not be able to view or open the documents, as they would be in an encrypted form.

Event logging

Maintain an unalterable audit trail that keeps track of all changes made to documents by recording who accessed a document, what actions they performed on the document, and what changes they made to the document. Keep your files free from unwanted tampering and always ready for audits.
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For instance, whenever a document is modified, details about the action are logged in GLOBODOX. Details logged include the name of the user performing the action along with the date and time of the action. Almost any action a user can perform in GLOBODOX can be logged.

Backup your files

Prevent data loss by backing up documents on GLOBODOX and restoring them as and when required.

Use the GLOBODOX Backup Utility to backup the databases in one go.


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