Share documents

One-click email and print

Share documents as email attachments from GLOBODOX in a single click. Printing documents is just as easy and can be performed in a matter of seconds using GLOBODOX’s simple interface.

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You can find and print multiple documents stored in different locations and devices with a single click, from a single device using GLOBODOX, without having to search for those files on different devices and folders. You can also attach documents in a similar way from GLOBODOX’s list of documents, with a single click, regardless of where they are stored.

Customer portal

Use GLOBODOX to set up a customer portal to give your customers access to their documents using their own log-in credentials.

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For instance, you can use GLOBODOX to store documents pertaining to all your transactions with a single customer and allow them access to the information. You can also use the database to store and update their personal information, such as contact information, shipping address, important dates (birthdays, wedding anniversaries for offers and discounts), and other similar information. You can give users full control of their information while ensuring privacy, which also helps in complying with data protection regulations like GDPR.

Export files

Export documents from GLOBODOX to any folder on your hard drive using a few simple steps. Compile documents from different locations into a single place on your drive whenever you need.

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You can select multiple documents in GLOBODOX and select Export to save them on a USB drive in one go. For example, you may want to do this to share documents with your client or tax consultant.

Export folders

Export folders, along with their documents, from GLOBODOX to any location on your hard drive. You can also choose to merge folders, i.e., export all documents into the target folder without maintaining the sub-folder structure. Or, you can export just the folder structure from a GLOBODOX folder without exporting the documents to reuse folder structures.

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Want to give documents on a USB drive to a colleague or client? Simply export the relevant folders to the drive and you are done!

Export Document list

You can export your GLOBODOX database in multiple formats such as .csv, .xls, or .xml, which can be used as a backup or imported to other applications.


For instance, you can export the data to an Excel file and then use the data to generate reports using Excel.


Share documents via fax directly from the GLOBODOX window with a single click.

globodox feature Fax icon inside

For instance, you can fax the document to your client if they need it immediately.


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