Globodox Information Packet

Globodox Infomation Packet is a marketing collateral put together for offline viewing, printing and distribution.

The Globodox InfoPack contains the Globodox Brochure, Data Sheet & Presentation in a compressed .ZIP format. You can click on the link below to download it.

 Globodox InfoPack Complete (Size: 3.91 MB)

The indvidual components of Globodox InfoPack can also be downloaded separately.

Individual Components Format Size
Globodox Brochure PDF 1.41MB
Globodox Data Sheet(printer friendly) PDF 68 KB
Globodox Presentation Powerpoint PPS 3.84MB
Other Useful Resources Format
Globodox Video Tutorials Web Page
Globodox Screenshots Web Page
Globodox Architecture Diagram Web Page
Globodox Deployment Diagram Web Page