Globodox Mobile Apps for iOS and Android Devices

Access your Documents on Mobile devices

The ever-increasing business mobility in the world today means that the success of any organisation depends on its ability to stay connected 24*7. The need for businesses to adopt and become mobile thus remains imperative for just about any company that wants a foothold within an ever-altering and speeding up market. Access all your documents, anytime, no matter where you are and find them in seconds – all from your mobile phone or tablet using GLOBODOX Mobile App.

Say hello to a mobile document access that helps you stay ahead of competition. It’s only a matter of time before your competition implements mobile document management and gains an advantage through the benefits it provides, so the time to start exploring and implementing mobile document management capabilities is now!

Go mobile with GLOBODOX Mobile App that gives you the benefits to access to all your docs, no matter where they are stored, plus the ability to find them in a snap with its powerful search function, no matter where you are. Its availability on Android and iOS platforms ensures it can be used by all. The GLOBODOX Mobile App enables your employees to manage and collaborate on documents even while they are on the move giving your business the competitive edge. It offers features that enable you to access your documents anywhere. Helps you to manage; search and view; all from a beautiful touch based interface. Now your documents are truly at your finger-tips!

  • Search, View, Download and Delete files on your mobile phone or tablet
  • Easy mobile access to archives
  • Ensure everyone accesses the correct version of the document no matter where they are
  • Simple and familiar interface makes for a delightful user experience

  • Employees use the app on a dedicated mobile device to access documents on the go
  • Employees can view and delete pertinent documents at the click of a button
  • When out of office, the system allows employees to search for required documents on the move
  • The system supports viewing of all records of the documents including the changes made
  • The system helps secure data through several measures, for instance, all access to the application is controlled via log-on credentials defined in the GLOBODOX repository and no data is stored on the device

In today’s fast-paced business world, the GLOBODOX Mobile App offers you a digital office solution that is just a click away. Since information is a crucial resource in every organization, investing in mobility to enable immediate access everywhere makes great business sense.

  • Optimizes and multiplies business performance
  • Elevates productivity
  • Accelerates work
  • Offers immediacy
  • Reduces down time
  • Better utilization of company assets
  • Facilitates completion of work in a timely manner

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