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NOTE: This module is separately priced and is not available with Suite and Standard edition of GLOBODOX.

The GLOBODOX Customer Portal module will allow you to give customers, vendors or partners authorized access, to select documents in your GLOBODOX Database via your website. Using the Portal, authorized customers can directly download their invoices, quotes, marketing collateral, product sheets, etc. The GLOBODOX customer self service portal can increase efficiency for your staff as well as your customers and partners.


ACME corporation has hundreds of customers who regularly place orders with them. Many customers will contact ACME corp. for older invoices or other supporting documents related to an order.
ACME corporation staff would then find these documents in GLOBODOX and email them to the customers. To speed this up…
Acme corporation would like to give their customers direct access to their documents. They want that…
  • Only authorized customers should be able to view and download their invoices 24×7.
  • The portal should be accessible on desktop, laptop, tablets or smartphones.
  • The portal should have a simple interface so users do not need any training.
  • The portal should be customizable by the in-house IT department.
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Acme Corp. used the GLOBODOX Customer Portal module to give their customers access to their invoices…
  1. Every customer was provided a login to the GLOBODOX Customer Portal. This ensured that every customer can access only their invoices
  2. Since the GLOBODOX Customer Portal has a very simple interface, no training was required for customers.
  3. The GLOBODOX Customer Portal is web-based and could be launched in a web browser from any PC, tablet or smartphone.
  4. The GLOBODOX Customer Portal is very easy to use and can be configured by the in-house IT department.
  5. The GLOBODOX Customer Portal allowed ACME to put their company logo on the portal.


  • Improve access to customer’s documents:
    Customers can find the document they want at any time. The documents that they need can be directly downloaded from the customer self service portal, eliminating the need for email threads. This eliminates hassles for both you and your customer.
  • Reduce Service Costs:
    Customers can find the documents that they frequently need by using the portal. This, in turn, saves time/money/resources and improves the ‘customer experience’ by providing a self-service option.
  • Increase Staff Productivity:
    With fewer inquiries coming from customers related to the documents they need, the staff can spend more time on productive tasks.
  • Improve customer satisfaction:
    Customers will be happy to know that they can access their documents whenever they want. This, in turn, will help you get positive recommendations from your customers.

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