Globodox REST API
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Before you learn about the Globodox API, consider this…

Do you want to add document management capability to your existing applications with minimal effort?
Are you a Reseller who would like to promote value-added solutions among your customers?
Do you work as a Systems Integrator who integrates various software applications to work together and help achieve a common goal?

If your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, then the Globodox API is for you.

What is the Globodox API?

The Globodox API enables another application on your machine or on your network to talk to Globodox and perform tasks such as adding a document to a Globodox DB, fetching a document from Globodox and much more. In other words the Globodox API is something which enables you to integrate Globodox with other applications.

The Globodox API has been designed as a REST API. Once you install the Globodox API Server on a Windows machine, it can be called from any machine running any operation system (Windows, MacOS or Linux etc.). The machine can be located on your local network or even on the Internet. So for example, it is easily possible to create a MacOS application which lets you select documents and add them to Globodox running on some machine on the Internet. Or to create a web application which provides a custom user interface to your users to query Globodox and see a list of search results.

How does the Globodox API work?

Let us take an example to see how the Globodox API works…

Use Case

Spanner Inc. is a company that manufactures auto components. Their billing department generates hundreds of invoices a month using their billing software. Each of these invoices is then printed and signed, before being mailed out.

To streamline this process Spanner Inc. would like the following…
The invoices must be generated as PDF files
Each PDF invoice must be routed for approval electronically
An image of the approver’s signature must be automatically placed on the Invoice
Post approval the invoice should be emailed to the correct customer

Instead of costly and risky modifications to their existing billing software, Spanner Inc. decides to look for a document management system whose API they can use, to integrate it with their billing software. They chose Globodox. This turned out to be a quick, economical and risk-free method of adding document management functionality to their billing system.

Using Globodox’s document routing, approval, signature and delivery features enabled Spanner Inc. to get the exact solution they wanted!

How to Order the Globodox API

The Globodox API comes as a stand-alone module that can be ordered from us. Once you purchase the module, we will email you the link to download the module. The email will also include your Registration Key and the steps to download, install and get started with the Globodox API.

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