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NOTE: The Web Client module is included with GLOBODOX Suite and is not available with GLOBODOX Standard.

GLOBODOX Web Client, a web based version of GLOBODOX DMS; can be used to access your documents and data over your corporate Intranet or even over the Internet using a web browser. No client-side install is required at all! GLOBODOX Web Client can run inside most modern web browsers.
GLOBODOX Web Client also supports mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets (iPhones, iPads, Android Phone, and Tablets).


Acme Corp is looking at implementing a document management system across the organization. Their offices are located in multiple locations across the country.
Acme Corp wants all its staff to access documents from the central repository located at the headquarters. The staff…
  • Uses Windows, Mac, and Linux machines
  • Sometimes need access from home
  • Needs access when on the road
The staff at the headquarters handle the bulk of the document addition and indexing tasks and prefer the GLOBODOX Windows Desktop client.
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  • You can access GLOBODOX Web Client anytime, anywhere, and via any device having an internet connection. This puts you in charge of where and when you want to access your documents. GLOBODOX web based dms can run on any device (desktop, mobile, tablet) and operating system as it requires just a web browser.
  • GLOBODOX Web Client is scalable as per your workload. You just have to upgrade the server hardware or operating system or add a new server for more power and better performance. You don’t need to upgrade the hardware or operating system on every client machine for better performance.
  • When a new version or upgrade is available, the upgrade needs to be performed only on the server. All users can access the latest version straight away and there is no need to upgrade GLOBODOX on the PC of each and every potential user.
  • With GLOBODOX web based dms, you can give your users the ability to access documents in a way that suits them. Users can always have up-to-date information when they need it. This means that authorized users can access the documents when they’re at work, a client’s office, or on the road.
  • Your system administrator will find GLOBODOX Web Client easier to maintain, backup, and keep secure.

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