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Windows Active Directory
Integration Module

NOTE: The Windows Active Directory Integration module is included with GLOBODOX Suite and is not available with GLOBODOX Standard.

What is the GLOBODOX Windows Active Directory Integration Module?
Windows Active Directory (AD) is a directory service that Microsoft developed for the Windows domain networks. It authenticates and authorizes all users and computers in a Windows domain type network—assigning and enforcing security policies for all computers.
GLOBODOX Active Directory Integration Module helps you quickly import Windows Network users as GLOBODOX users. That means that you do not need to separately create user names and passwords in GLOBODOX.
Active Directory Integration thus makes managing multiple users much simpler. Once users have been imported, the GLOBODOX superadmin user can assign role-based permissions in GLOBODOX to the imported users.
When these users log in to Windows and start GLOBODOX, GLOBODOX will no more prompt them for their username and password; GLOBODOX will simply use their Windows credentials to log them in. So if a user is logged onto Windows as Mike, then when the user starts GLOBODOX, he will be automatically logged in to GLOBODOX as Mike.


Acme Corp wants to implement document management software which will be used by around 100 employees. The IT department at Acme Corp wants to avoid creating usernames and passwords for all these 100 users in GLOBODOX. They want to…
  • Instantly add hundreds of Windows users to GLOBODOX
  • Users to use their existing Windows credentials to log in to GLOBODOX
  • No need for users to remember another set of user names or password
  • Existing company password policies to be enforced
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Acme Corp used the GLOBODOX Windows Active Directory module to integrate GLOBODOX document management software with Windows Active Directory.
  • All the hundred users were quickly imported from Windows Active Directory to GLOBODOX
  • Users did not have to remember another set of user name and password
  • Once users were logged into Windows they did not have to login again into GLOBODOX
  • If a user’s password was changed it did not have to be updated in GLOBODOX
  • GLOBODOX users could be deactivated/deleted from Active Directory itself


  • Eliminate time needed to create user names and passwords in GLOBODOX.
  • System Administrators can reset expired, forgotten, or compromised passwords via Active Directory. There is no need to log in to GLOBODOX to do this.
  • User management becomes streamlined, taking human error out of the equation.
  • No need to maintain a separate list of user IDs and passwords.
  • Enforce password and other security policies via Active Directory.

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